Why Corporate Building Branding Matters

corporate building signs

Today, there is cut-throat competition in every industry and even very well-established corporations need to make efforts to ensure they stay in the limelight. While advertising and marketing are very important aspects of creating a very strong brand identity, corporate brand building can benefit from smart and well-designed signs.


The Importance of Corporate Building Branding

We at Dave’s Signs are a premier company in this space and have provided excellent signage solutions to corporations from various industries. Take a look at why corporate building branding and imaging matters:

corporate building signs

  • It’s a proven fact that smart and attractive business signage catches the attention of existing and prospective clients.
  • It is an extremely efficient way to advertise your brand and highlight the location of your business.
  • It’s permanent which means it’s cost-effective as well. The only thing your sign will require is some basic maintenance to keep it in a good condition for a number of years.
  • When placed at the right location on your property it becomes a high-visibility, round-the-clock branding feature. No other advertising methods can boast of this aspect.



Custom Business Signage

No matter which way you look at it, customized corporate building branding or signage is one the best ways to create a great impression on existing clients and attract potential ones. When you hire us for all your business signage requirements, you can rest assured that your sign will stand out and make a positive brand impact.

We use resilient materials in making these signs and you can rest assured they will provide a good return on investment. Our signs are of high quality yet quite affordable too. If you want to know more about outdoor corporate building signs or interior office signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call us at (805) 232-3785.

Here’s Why You Should Update Your Apartment Signs

It can be easy to underestimate the influence of regular apartment signs in the world of internet marketing. This means apartment owners don’t often update their apartment signs when they should. At Dave’s Signs, we encourage property owners to upgrade their signs and ensure they look current. Here are some reasons why you should do it:

apartment signs

Visible to Passersby’s

Old and frayed signs often have missing pieces of information and aren’t very visible to passersby’s. This means you might miss an opportunity to attract a prospective buyer or tenant. Damaged or old signs can also make it difficult for visitors to find and identify your property easily. 

Good First Impression

When prospective tenants or buyers visit your property, you want to give them the best possible impression. Apartment signs are probably one of the first things they’ll see. If the signs are damaged, dated, or old, They might think the apartments are in that condition too. This can influence their buying decision. 

apartment signs


Signs are an important aspect of branding. They display your logo and apartment information to everyone who sees it. Without proper branding, it can be difficult to attract tenants or buyers over an apartment complex that looks polished.

apartment signs


Most property owners invest a lot of time and effort to ensure their apartment building looks great. Aesthetics add value and attract more clients. It doesn’t make sense to beautify your entire property and not upgrade your apartment signs. Take the time to ensure your apartment sign looks great and is visible to people that are near your property.

If you want to know more about apartment signs or want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us online or call (805) 232-3785.


The Best Weather Resistant Types Of Signs

Signs are a great way to draw attention and establish a solid brand presence. They have a variety of applications and can be used in different situations. At Dave’s Signs, we provide a wide range of signs like outdoor signs, indoor signs, A-Frame signs, etc.

Outdoor signs help you catch the attention of people who are passing by. This can be a great way to bring more traffic to your establishment. However, you need to choose these signs carefully because they will be exposed to the elements. Here’s a look at some of the most weather-resistant signs:

Weather Resistant Signs


This material is one of the most popular choices for weather-resistant signs. Aluminum can withstand heat, cold, dust, moisture, and other such other elements. It is easy to maintain and retains its visual appeal for a long time. It doesn’t rust and can be light-weight enough to move around. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer this material for most of their outdoor signage.

Weather Resistant Signs


This is an aluminum composite material that has a high-density polyallomer core in it. This material is fairly weather-resistant. It doesn’t swell or warp when exposed to moisture and lasts for a long time. It doesn’t offer as much weather-resistance as aluminum, but can help ensure your sign remains in a presentable condition for a long time.

Weather Resistant Signs

PVC Signs

This is a very popular outdoor signage material because it is durable and affordable. PVC is a plastic material and is heavier than aluminum, which makes it a good option for windy conditions. This material will retain its appearance and appeal for a long time so it is a great investment.

If you want to know more about sign materials or want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us online or call (805) 232-3785.


Why You Should Go For Custom Monument Signs

When it comes to advertising a business, signs have a very important role to play. Custom monument signs can be very eye-catching and unique when designed by experts like the ones at Dave’s Signs. These signs are ideal for event venues, neighborhoods, communities as well as businesses.

A monument sign is essentially a large freestanding sign that is specifically designed for the exterior of a property and should be viewed from ground level like this Acura sign below.


 Custom Monument Signs


Custom Designed Monument Signs

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for custom monument signs such as:

  • When we custom design monument signs, you can rest assured that they will be a true reflection of the culture and branding of your company or business.
  • These signs can be built in materials of your choice such as concrete, metal, natural stone, brick or combination materials.
  • Monument signs can be designed to be classic, contemporary, rustic or modernistic in design. Customization gives you the flexibility to ensure that your monument sign complements the look of your property and business.
  • We will include graphics, lettering, emblems and your logo that would help customers and clients identify your business like the one below.


  • The size and shape of the sign can be tailored to your needs and will be proportionate to the setting it is to be installed in.
  • We can also incorporate the kind of lighting you want. This will add to the attractiveness of the sign and make it visible from a roadway or sidewalk.


 Custom Monument Signs

At Dave’s Signs, we go the extra mile to make sure that our clients get the customized monument signs like the one above that improve the visibility of their business. We also ensure that the signs are built using resilient and weather-resistant materials, that they are low maintenance and long lasting too.

For more information on custom monument signs feel free to call Dave’s Signs at (805) 232-3785, or reach out to us online and we will get back to you shortly.




What Are Pylon Signs And How Can They Help My Business

The only way to remain competitive in today’s business landscape, is to adopt the right kind of marketing techniques, and signage has a very important role to play in this aspect. We at Dave’s Signs recommend that you invest in pylon signs. Let’s take a look at what these signs are and how they can help your business.

Gas Station Signs - Conserve Fuel Santa Barbara

Understanding What Pylon Signs Are

A pylon sign is typically made of a lightbox cabinet that’s mounted on a tall pole. Illuminated LED signs on these poles are highly visible even from a distance, giving your business the right kind of exposure. They are a great way of increasing footfalls to your business and making the brand impact you want. 

The Ventura Sign is a great example of a landmark pylon sign.

Ventura Pylon Sign

Pylon Signs – The Benefits

Pylon signs are a perfect advertising tool for all types of businesses big and small. Here are some of the many benefits:

Visibility – As mentioned earlier, the height of the pylon sign is one of its most notable benefits. It is a good option for your business, especially if you have a larger property.

Use it as a Landmark – Installing a pylon sign on the road leading to your property is a great way to create the brand impact you want while using the sign as a landmark of sorts. See how visible this sign below is from the road?

Amanzi Hotel Pylon Sign

Highway advertising – Pylons are a great form of highway advertising. They are tall enough and attractive enough to be noticed from a distance by drivers as well as passengers in vehicles.

Pylon signs are not only effective, but affordable too. We offer custom design services for all types of indoor and outdoor signage. Check out our gallery here.

When you opt for our pylons you can rest assured that they will help increase the visibility of your business and establish branding. For information on our business sign services feel free to call Dave’s Signs at (805) 232-3785, or reach out to us online and we will get back to you shortly.