The Timeless Art of Hand-Painted Signs


If you walked into a business in Southern California at the turn of the 20th Century, you encountered a world of unique and attractive hand-painted signs. The technology was limited in those days. Business owners had to depend on talented artists with the ability to understand marketing and advertising concepts, but over time, this became a lost art. In fact, most sign companies don't offer these services today. But at Dave's Signs, we recognize the importance of hand-painting signs, and there is still a place in 21st Century marketing for this timeless art. Here are some examples to prove this point.

Hand Painted Signs - The Lark

Lark Restaurant in Santa Barbara

The Lark Restaurant is named after a historic Southern Pacific Railroad Pullman train that served the area from the first part of the 20th Century until the late 1960s. It's located in the Fish Market building, and the business reflects the retro atmosphere of the arts district known as the Funk Zone. What better way to preserve the past than with historic hand-painted letters (on the building exterior) with classic barn lighting?

Hand Painted Signs - Toppers Pizza Place

When Signage Becomes a Part of Your Business

There's no other way to superimpose beautiful artwork on brick walls than with hand-painted signs created by artistic people that understand the lost art of working with their hands. Toppers Pizza in Channel Islands Harbor is a perfect illustration of signage that is as beautiful as it is unique. We did similar work for Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen, located in Westlake Village.

Hand Painted Signs - Finney's Crafthouse & Kitchen

Hand Painted Signs and Custom Graphics

Dave's Signs can design and create just about any kind of custom signage you can imagine. From hand painting to printed graphics, your signs can be totally unique and effective. To see some of the amazing work we can do for you, check out our custom graphics sign gallery or call (805) 641-1387 today.

Hotel Signs That Welcome Your Visitors


If you are in the hospitality business, making visitors welcome is one of your main priorities. However, without the right kind of hotel signs, you might not get people into your establishment to enjoy all the great amenities you have to offer. In fact, effective signage can set you apart from the competition and give you the added edge you need to succeed. Let's take a look at what illuminated monument signs and interior custom graphics can do for your establishment.

Hotel Signs

Why Monuments?

The Pierpont Inn and Residence Inn are two different types of businesses. They both perform lodging services, but one is a large chain, and the other is a historic hotel in Ventura. Both can benefit from monument hotel signs for the following reasons:

  • Easy for drivers to see from the road - although many customers make reservations ahead of time, many still find hotels as they travel.
  • Few problems with zoning issues like size and height - this eliminates many hassles and extra fees.
  • Resistant to the elements - can be seen in all kinds of weather.
  • Works for many types of businesses - universal in appeal.
  • Design possibilities are unlimited - expert designers can give you any kind of monument sign you want.
  • Easy to customize
  • Maintenance is easy - they are not high off the ground.

Hotel Signs

Interior Custom Graphics

One of the main problems hospitality businesses face is getting rid of the cold and sterile "institution" look of their interiors. How can you do this? Check out the custom hotel signs in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura. 

Interior Hotel Signs

This signage makes you feel more like you are in a boutique or specialty shop and they perform their intended job well. To see what custom indoor graphics and illuminated monument signs can do for your business, call us today at (805) 641-1387 or contact us online for more details.

Meeting the Unique Challenge of Theatre Signs


The LA Times recently ran an article about the new Garry Marshall Theatre that opened in Burbank. It was once the late Garry Marshall's Falcon Theatre, and a video shows the sign illuminating to kick off the inaugural season of the non-profit theatre. This is one of many examples, of how Dave's Signs meets the unique challenges of designing and installing theater signs.

Theater Signs

Why is Theatre Signage Challenging?

Some theatres show plays and live shows while others concentrate on movies. These needs are very different but have similarities also. Some theatres want to attract attention with a modern look. However, others seek to preserve the past and give you a touch of those "days gone by." Here's how Dave's Signs met both of these challenges for theatre signs.

Theater Signs - Regency Theater Westlake Village, CA

Regency Theatres

The Regency Theatres greet their customers with bright and clear illuminated channel letters. This presents the clean and crisp look of modern design. The three-dimensional effect attracts plenty of attention and stands out in the night atmosphere.

Theater Signs - Restoration - Ventura's Mayfair Theater

Mayfair Theatre 

The old Mayfair Theatre was a historic part of Ventura until it burned down. However, thanks to the Seabee Museum and Dave's Sign's, this once proud and attractive art deco symbol is now a highly valued museum piece. Restoring this sign was a particularly challenging project, but we were up to the task because we have a neon sign fabrication shop in-house. We had to replace the metal components while keeping the original structure intact, as well as fabricate all new neon lights, to restore this historic piece back to its original 1940s appearance.

If you have special needs for your theater signs, Dave's Signs is the company to contact. We work with you through every phase of the process and can custom design, fabricate, restore, and do whatever it takes to give you the perfect signage. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 or contact us online for more details.

Thousand Oak Signs - Fitting in and Standing Out


If you've ever been to Thousand Oaks, you know that part of what makes it so charming is that everything has a similar look and feel. It's where Spanish architecture meets Western style, beautiful and beige. The city has regulations to make sure that this beautiful theme is preserved.

While part of what makes the city so beautiful is that everything has a similar look and feel, you'll still want your business sign to stand out. 

So, how do you go about standing out while fitting in? Here are 3 examples from Dave's Signs own galleries to demonstrate:

Use Dimension to Enhance Visibility

Check out this 3-Dimensional sign for American Eagle Outfitters. You can find it in the outdoor section of the Thousand Oaks Mall. 

Thousand Oaks Signs

When you compare this to other Thousand Oaks signs, particularly within the mall, you can see how it fits in perfectly. The black metal sign is almost an exact match with the black metal of the mall's beautiful railing above it. 

What makes this sign stand out is that it reaches out over the walkway, catching attention from below and above. At night the letters are outlined by beautiful yellow backlighting, grabbing even more attention.

Compliment the Building's Architecture

This channel letter sign created for Farmer's Insurance in Thousand Oaks compliments the building’s architecture. 

Thousand Oaks Signs

You've probably noticed how many commercial buildings are lacking proper signage; moments when you park your car and walk toward a building, you look around and hope to find your way. 

An appropriately sized sign ensures that your customers will never get lost. They'll feel confident they are in the right spot and taken care of from the moment they park. 

Illuminate Your Sign

One of the best ways to make sure that your sign stands out from other Thousand Oaks signs is to light it up. Check out this illuminated channel letter sign for Regency Theaters: 

Thousand Oaks Signs

Day or night, if you're interested in seeing a movie you'll know where to go. This sign is so bright and large that it can be seen from incredible distances. If you weren't thinking of seeing a movie, you will be once you get anywhere near this theater. 

Are you in need of signs in Thousand Oaks? Dave's Signs can design, manufacture, install just about any kind of signage you need. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 for more information.

Benefits of Improving Your Camarillo Business Signs


Has business been slower than usual lately? Maybe it seems like you're in a temporary slump? There are many reasons for business slowdowns. It could be between holidays, or people are currently spending their money on other things. The economy may be in a downturn. When things get slow, it's time to think about attracting more attention with a new sign for your Camarillo business. Like the halo-lit channel letter sign we did for Brendan's. 

Camarillo Signs

Here are some important benefits of making some changes to your signage.

A Fresh New Look

You could spend an enormous amount of money and renovate your business or businesses. However, it could take a long time to recoup such a major investment. It may be much easier to put up some new Camarillosigns. This can give your buildings a completely different look, without changing anything else.

Illuminated Signs

Maybe it's time for an attention grabbing illuminated sign like the one we gave the El Tecolote Cafe? 

Camarillo Signs

If you get a lot of local foot traffic, neon signs can give you a distinctive look. They are an open invitation to come inside and check things out.

Camarillo Signs

What kind of signage will change your message or attract more attention? It depends on your business, products, services, location, and the kind of potential customer you're interested in. This can make the process of choosing signage difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

Camarillo Signs

At Dave's Signs, we know the ins and outs of the sign business because that's all we do. As sign specialists, we take care of the entire process from the design stage to installation. We work with you to make sure your signs are customized to your needs and specs. To see how new signs can turn things around, call (805) 641-1387 today.

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Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

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