How To Choose A Sign For Your Business

Making your mark in a competitive landscape is a lot about using the right advertising and marketing strategies. And choosing a sign for your business is one important tool in your advertising arsenal. Check out this restaurant sign below we did for Toppers Pizza Place in Camarillo, California.

Signs For Your Business

At Dave’s Signs, we firmly believe that attracting customers to your business is all about creating the right first impression. When you choose the right kind of sign for your business, it improves the appearance of your storefront, and helps attract customers.

Here are some tips on how to choose a sign for your business…

  • Quality – While there are a large number of companies out there that can provide cheap business signs, it important that you look for a credible operator that provides you the perfect balance of quality and cost. A poorly-designed or shabbily structured sign will have negative impact on your reputation. Check out this office sign we completed below for Ambulnz™. It’s clean, simple and professional.Signs For Your Business
  • The Right Branding – It’s important that your business sign reflects your brand identity. The design, structure, and the colors used need to complement your brand image.
  • Simplicity in Design – When getting your sign designed, make sure that it has a simple and clean design. Adding too much of information, too many colors or excessive lighting will make the sign look too cluttered, impacting its readability. Your signs should have just the right amount of information to bring in more foot traffic.
  • The Right Materials – While there are a large number of materials that can be used in outdoor signage, it’s important that you choose something which matches the aesthetic of your storefront. Channel letter signs with halo-lit lighting is a good choice for outdoors and can be constructed in different types of metals and acrylic. Make sure that the materials that you opt for would be able to weather the elements and last for a number of years with minimal maintenance. Check out the bank sign below. It looks like wood, but its actually made out of acrylic.

Signs For Your Business

For information on our business sign services feel free to call Dave’s Signs at (805) 232-3785, or reach out to us online and we will get back to you shortly. Make sure you also check out our business sign gallery here.

Designing Your First Sign: What You Need to Know

The entire spectrum of business competition revolves around who can attract more customers – which ultimately means higher success. This is why you should give special thought to each aspect of your marketing. Something as simple as designing your first sign can become an important first step.

Many brick and mortar businesses rely on traditional marketing to gain customers. A sign is a big part which small business can depend on to attract passers-by. It becomes important for them to go the extra mile to get the details right. We are here to help you with that. Here are a few suggestions to consider before making a sign for your business.

designing your first sign
Dave’s Signs designed, built and installed this storefront sign for Boot Barn in Oxnard, CA.

Color matters

The color on your sign plays a big role in capturing the attention of potential customers. Different colors evoke different emotions.

People are more likely to be captivated by colors – it should be easy on the eyes and when illuminated, stands out. Boot Barn’s red is a good example of how color can strike a balance between the right kind of shade and intensity.

Don’t make it a chore to read

You ought to ensure that your sign doesn’t cram too much information. Give people a chance to scan your sign when they are in a hurry. Otherwise, customers may find it hard to remember you.

designing your first sign

Contrast can increase readability

Pay close attention to how your logo appears to people walking past your business. Contrast plays a role in readability. Take for the example the Re•Bath sign. The white block letters against the red background make for an easy to read and highly noticeable sign, especially at night.

Consider the fact that the logo has to be readable in different weather conditions. And, in the case of the Beach House Fish sign, stand up in the elements.

designing your first sign

At Dave’s Signs, we will help you design an ideal sign for your business no matter where you are located. Give us a call at (805) 232-3865 or get in touch with us online.

A New Approach to Monument Signs

You’re probably already familiar with the important role that monument signs play in attracting attention to your business, whether it’s a housing complex, a company headquarters, or a shopping center. An effective monument sign will demonstrate the way that your business interacts with the environment around it, suggested by the way that the sign is displayed.
Business Directory Signs - Kanan Village
Designing your monument sign is a critical step in the branding of your business. Some signs will blend seamlessly in with the local landscape, suggesting a down-to-earth integration with the local community. Others will stand out, drawing the attention of anybody walking or driving past it. Whichever way you decide to approach your monument sign, the team at Dave’s Signs will be there to help you understand how we can best suit your needs.
Elements to consider include the amount of information to include on the sign, the size and distance from a road or pathway, and a color scheme intended to catch the eye without seeming out of place.
Ojai monument signs
At Dave’s Signs, we will work with your from conceptualization to installation to maintenance and repair, ensuring that your monument sign continues to drive business and represent your organization well. To get started on a project with us now, give us a call at (805) 232-3865 or get in touch with us online.

Sign Maintenance

After you’ve spent time working with our team of experts to develop the ideal sign for your business, it’s important to keep it in perfect shape to ensure maximum returns. At Dave’s Signs, we value serving our clients well after the development and installation of their signs: keeping them well maintained is critical to our clients’ image and branding.
Sign Maintenance
Different sign materials involve different types of maintenance, and we’ll make sure that your organization gets all the information relevant to their particular type of sign. Different types of exposure to the elements interact with signage in different ways, and at Dave’s Signs, we are cognizant of how to respond to extreme heat, humidity, sea air, sun and wind damage.

Sign Maintenance

We are also happy to provide repair services for neon signs or channel letter signs, solving problems that range from physical display to lighting to power supply. Whatever your situation, you can count on our team to stick with you well after the installation of your sign, because we know that that’s the most important time for your business.
Sign Maintenance
With questions or concerns about sign repairs or maintenance, feel free to call us at (805) 232-3865 reach out to us online.

Logo Design for Your Business’s Signs

If your organization is trying to take a new approach to marketing or rebranding, one of the main potential avenues for publicizing your new brand comes from a consistent logo design on all your existing signage.
Logo Design
At Dave’s Signs, we have experienced professionals who can help you determine some of the most important elements in the process of reimagining your brand and giving it a prominent place in the local community.
Logo Design
Using cutting-edge Computer Assisted Design, we can evaluate your existing brand, keeping crucial components like color scheme consistent, while updating it to bring out its greatest potential on new signage. Our designers know how to bring out the best in logos with different types of signage, and can provide advice and insight when it comes to size, style, lighting, and even power supply.
Logo Design
Once our team has worked with you to develop the ideal branding update, they will work with you at every other stage of the process: fabricating the signs in our studio and installing them ourselves to ensure the highest quality. Once we’ve installed the signs, we’ll make sure that you know how best to maintain it, and of course we’ll provide any support that you need along the way.
To get started on your logo design today, reach out to us at (805) 232-3865 or get in touch with us online.