Three Reasons to Invest in Custom Window Signs


A store window lets in light and allows customers to see what's inside. However, when you take advantage of professionally designed window signs from Dave's Signs, it can give you several important benefits. Here are three good reasons to consider custom window signage for your business.

Custom Printed Window Graphic Sign - America's Best Window Graphic Sign, Ventura, CA

1. An Extension of Your Sales Ads 

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses offers exceptional vision plans. That's why their window proudly displays their 2 pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95 (including exam). You can place this material in sales ads, but when people see it in windows, it reinforces the benefits of everything they can receive for one low price. These window signs are the perfect complement to other forms of advertising.

Custom Vinyl Letters - Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill Glass Door Sign, Goleta, CA

2. Provide Information and Imagination 

Your signs can both inform and stir up pleasant mental images, and you don't have to provide a lot of graphics and detail. For instance, the window sign we did for Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill lets you know you are about to enter a restaurant. However, you also get a mental image that triggers the memory of great tasting Mexican food cooked over the pleasant aroma of burning wood.

Custom Printed Window Graphic Sign - Ventura Pier Office Door Interior Custom Printed Window Graphic Sign, Ventura, CA

3. A Subconscious Call to Action 

Every effective sales ad includes a call to action. This motivates the potential customer or guest to check out your business. However, putting a CTA in window signs is not always necessary. 

The Trade Desk, a Ventura based business, wanted to showcase Ventura and what better way than with photographs of local landmarks like the Ventura Pier on their conference room doors. Call Dave's Signs today at (805) 641-1387 to see what we can do for your business.

How Professional Grocery Store Signs Help Your Business


If you run a grocery business, your profit margins are razor thin. In fact, most stores have profit margins that average 1.1% after taxes. This means the average retail grocer depends on volume sales and they need to attract as many customers as possible to stay in business. Effective grocery store signs can do many things for you and here are four ways that professionally produced signs can help you out.

Exterior Dimensional Letter Sign - Westridge Midtown Market, Ojai, CA

Establish Trust

If people are going to buy your products and eat them, they have to trust that your products are safe as well as affordably priced. Notice the building sign for the Westridge Midtown Market. There's nothing flashy about the sign, but it is tastefully done and adds an air of subtle sophistication that instills a local home town feel and trust.

Interior Custom Printed Graphic Metal Sign

Tell the Customer Why They Should Buy Your Products

It's important to have good prices, but the best bargains are not really bargains unless people know why they should buy from you. Some of the most effective grocery store signs give you motivation to both buy and consume products. This sign tells you that if you eat healthy you'll be nutrition wealthy. It also provides lovely images of fresh produce. Everyone wants to be both healthy and wealthy and this sign subtly lets you know that's possible with the right foods from this grocer.

Interior Custom Printed Graphic Metal Sign

Memory Aids

Both the "Eat Healthy" and "Kid Tested" grocery store signs have catchy slogans that stay with you. They also have illustrations explaining the slogans and give you a mental image to tie the slogan to. This is an excellent memory aid and a good way to get inside your customers' heads. Catchy slogans are still effective advertising. If you can't think of a great slogan for your grocery store signs, call your sign professionals at Dave's Signs at (805) 641-1387 today.

4 Things to Know about Nationwide Store Signs from Dave's Signs


When you come to Dave's Signs, you receive professional sign services for all of your signage needs including nationwide store signs. We'll take care of your Southern California businesses and all the others across the country. This provides a sense of uniformity while giving each business their own individuality. Here are four things we can help you with that can make your signs more effective.

 Interior Illuminated Neon Sign - Untuckit, New York City

1. Day and Night Exposure

Your sign professionals at Dave's Signs can give your signage 24-hour exposure. They take into consideration, your location, customers, and business type, to give you the most effective signage for the daytime and nighttime hours.

 Custom Printed Wall Graphic - Untuckit, Dallas, Texas

2. Dare to Be Different

Would you like to dare to be different but you aren't sure what to do? We can help you harness the hidden power of individuality while still keeping a professional appearance. Look at the bold image for UNTUCKit shirts. There are no words or letters. However, there is man projecting a casual yet sophisticated image, and these kinds of nationwide store signs show the clothing well and communicate with their customers.

Interior Dimensional Letter Wall Sign - Untuckit, Dallas, Texas

3. The Beauty of Simplicity

Why say many things when you don't have to? There is beauty in simplicity, and this interior signage is simple, but it's a perfect fit for its environment. Notice how everything balances out. When your indoor signage blends in perfectly, it extends your brand without having to say much at all.

 Exterior Channel Letter Sign - Untuckit, Dallas, Texas

4. The Value of Consistency

When you own franchises, you need consistent nationwide store signs. However, this doesn't mean they have to all be "carbon copies" of each other. At Dave's Signs, we have the expertise to design and create the perfect signs for each of your business locations. Call us at (805) 641-1387 today, to discover the many benefits of working with top nationwide sign professionals.

3 Unwritten Rules for More Attractive Santa Barbara Business Signs


There are many excellent Santa Barbara business signs, and most of them follow some unwritten rules that only those in the sign industry may be aware of. It's a good idea to understand these rules if you plan to design your own signage or you want to hire the best sign services, so let's examine them.

Sign Ariadne Wealth Management, Dimensional Letter Sign

1. Less Can Be More 

You can make your Santa Barbara business signs too colorful, complicated, or complex. This is especially true when it comes to exterior signage that is viewed from a short distance away. In fact, some businesses (like financial services) are expected to project a conservative image and one that establishes a sense of trust. This is best done with tastefully designed and constructed signs like the one you see at Ariande Wealth Management. When you look for a reputable financial planner, this is the kind of image most people expect to find.

Illuminated Blade Sign, Dargan’s Irish Pub

2. Size Matters…But 

It's important for Santa Barbara business signs to be large enough to attract attention and for the customer to read the content. However, there is much more than size when it comes to attraction. Take the impressive illuminated blade sign for Dargan's Irish Pub. This is the kind of signage that pub patrons expect from one of the local favourites. It's totally unique and reflects the many years of experience that only seasoned sign professionals can deliver.

Illuminated Channel Letter Sign, Edward Jones

3. Make No Mistake 

When you check out the Edward Jones Sign in the nighttime or daytime, there is no mistake what business you are looking at (a trusted financial advisor's business sign). It simple, direct, and to the point, and at the same time, attracts enough attention to get noticed. To discover the many good things that Dave' Signs has to offer, call us today at (805) 641-1387. Let's go over your signage needs.

Do Your Gas Station Signs Tell the Whole Story?


Years ago, customers pulled into gas stations and the attendant gave them fuel, washed the windshield, and checked engine fluids and tire pressure. Those days are long gone (except for a few select full-service stations), and self-service gas is the norm. However, the profits from selling gasoline are limited and the successful service stations of today have to diversify to stay in business. This makes advertising like gas station signs very important. In fact, if your signs are not telling the entire story of what you have to offer, you could lose out to the competition. Let's look at some examples of how signage can be used to improve a gasoline/convenience store business.

Gas Station Signs - Fuel Depot Post & Panel Monument Sign

We did both indoor and outdoor signage for Fuel Depot, and as you drive by, you're greeted by the Fuel Depot Logo with the words, "gasoline," "market," and "liquor," along with the current fuel prices. However, the real story begins when you walk inside the building.

Gas Station Signs - Interior Custom Graphics - Fountain Frenzy Soda Machine

The Beauty of Interior Gas Station Signs

When thirsty customers enter the Fuel Depot store, they are greeted by the refreshing image of the "Fountain Frenzy" beverage and ice dispensing machine. Just looking at this sign is enough to make you grab a cup and help yourself.

Gas Station Signs - Interior - Illuminated Channel Letters

Gas Station Signs that Organize and Inform

How many times have you entered a store and couldn't find something? That doesn't happen inside the Fuel Depot because signage like the "Chill Zone" and "Beer Zone" are clearly visible and the illuminated channel letter signs make them easy to see and identify. And if you want chilled wine, there is no problem finding the case.

Gas Station Signs - Interior Custom Graphic Signs - Chilled Wine Display

This is an example of what Dave's Signs can do for your station or your entire chain of establishments. We customize your signage to make your business stand out from the rest. Call us today at (805) 641-1387 or contact us online for more details.

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