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Shopping Mall Signs: An Investment People Actually See

When it comes time to upgrade your shopping mall signs, there are a few key things to consider.

First, find out about any specifications in design and function required by the property management company – they often limit sizing, features, lighting, and more. It is very important to get these specs planning your sign. 

Next, focus on what the sign needs to communicate to your clients. Think about your company’s name and branding needs.

Key Features to Keep in Mind

Most often, shopping mall signs need to include some information about what the location offers (unless it is a well-known brand).

For example, the Pandora sign is simply its logo: elegant serif text with the crown feature. Back-lit channel letters add to the sophistication and appeal of this sign. Even if you didn’t already know what kind of company Pandora was, you’d probably guess they sell jewelry.

shopping mall signs

The iProtech sign, on the other hand, is a lesser known brand. Here, the “professional phone repair” subtitle helps to communicate the shop’s offering. Yet, it is still brief and to the point.

shopping mall signs

It is also important to consider location. Some of the largest retailers will need signage for the exterior of the building. When this is the case, consider block letters with the proper lighting, such as in the Giorgio Armani sign located here. This sign creates the name brand recognition visitors need, but it can also stand out from a distance, communicating a clear message all the way out onto the street.

shopping mall signs

When creating shopping mall signs, be true to the company’s brand. Use the colors, letters, and features representative of the company. Then, complete this with the right lighting.

By working with a company specializing in shopping mall signs, you can ensure they meet all necessary standards and requirements while communicating a direct and inviting message to the customers who are looking for your store.

Are you looking to find the right sign company for your shopping mall signs? Give us a call at (805) 641-1387 or reach out to us online.

Wayfinding Hotel Signs: What Does Your Location Need?

Wayfinding hotel signs provide information, direction, and inspiration.

These signs are customized to fit the location’s needs, based on what they need to communicate.

When you choose an experienced professional to help you to create the right signs for your hotel, you can ensure that every guest and visitor will know what you have to offer, where they need to go, and what the company stands for. This is important when it comes to choosing signs to best represent your location.

Key Options in Hotel Signs

When choosing wayfinding hotel signs, it’s important to consider what key information needs to be communicated to your guests.

wayfinding hotel signs

For example, at the Pierpont Inn in Ventura, there are a number of signs necessary for guest communication. Wayfinding signs tell visitors where to go – from finding the check-in desk to locating features on the property (restaurants, ice machines, and lobbies, for example). These directional signs help visitors, who probably have not visited your hotel before, to easily navigate the property. This is critical for them to move throughout the hotel comfortably.

Other signs need to communicate area names. In this example, Austen’s Restaurant is an important facility on the property. The sign points to where it is and how to find it. Some signs provide information about specific areas of the hotel so guests can move around simply.

A key feature of these signs is the similar design, helping to ensure a cohesive look across the property.

wayfinding hotel signs

The best part about wayfinding signs? It’s like having an attendant in every area of your hotel. Your guest has a question, they find the answer, they follow the answer, and voila! They’re satisfied.

wayfinding hotel signs

When choosing hotel signs, there are a few things to remember. Use wayfinding signs to help people navigate their way around the building. Maintain branding, ensuring that all signs look the same around the entire property to create a consistent and seamless experience for your guests.

Are you looking to find the perfect sign company for your hotel signs? Give us a call at (805) 641-1387 or reach out to us online.

Custom Signs Make Businesses Stand Out

Buying a standard sign for a building is okay. It will communicate where the company operates and sometimes even what it does.

But for those companies aiming to stand out from the competition, custom signs are the way to go. They allow each company to create a sign that provides the details of what they’re all about: name, type of atmosphere, service offerings, date established, and more.

There Are Many Ways to Make Signs Stand Out

When creating custom signs, companies should consider what they want to communicate. For example, the Gary Marshall Theatre sign, a vintage billboard-like display, needs to communicate what the building is and which events are coming up so theatergoers know when to return and take advantage of what’s playing.

custom signs

On the other hand, the Sea Glass Seafood custom sign helps to create a sophisticated, bright entrance with a glass-like feel, thanks to its blue halo-lit lighting. This automatically enhances the dining experience, from the moment clients walk through the door.

custom signs

Another example is the Anacapa Isle Marina sign for Channel Island Waterfront Homes. From the lighthouse at the top to the wooden beams, there is a clear ocean feel here – the boat in the sunset on the water also communicates this message. You can get a feel what this company has to offer from the road.

custom signs

When it comes down to it, most companies benefit from custom signs. It becomes far easier for you to create a stunning sign with the right message when you work with a team of experienced professionals who have designed and crafted thousands of signs.

In the end, the best customs signs happen when the branding matches the business and appeals to the company’s ideal customers. 

When looking for custom signs, look to Dave’s Signs. We can help you design, build and install the signs you’ve always wanted for your business. Call us at (805) 641-1387 or reach out to us online.

Lobby Signs Capture Attention

If you are thinking of adding lobby signs to your place of business, you have plenty of options available to you. From simple signs to more vibrant options, a variety of styles exist to make any space open up.

Lobby signs communicate several things. They provide insight into the company’s brand and messaging. They also inform visitors that they are in the right place.

Two things to consider when creating an effective lobby sign for your business:

Logos Work Well

One of the best ways to communicate a message using lobby signs is to utilize your company’s brand name or logo. This can help communicate the business name, more about the company, and what you offer.

For example, take a look at some of the lobby signs we’ve created.

Here’s one for Digital Dental Arts Laboratory. The elegant channel lettering surrounded by a well-lit image of a tooth. What better way drive home dental services than a clean, simple, and elegant tooth-oriented design?

lobby signs

The green halo-lit lighting behind this Turf City lobby sign actually provides the feeling of turf, while ensuring that the brand name stands out against the wall behind it. Very eye-catching.

lobby signs

Simplicity Works Well

This Kal Krishan Consulting lobby sign in Los Angeles is another example. The design is sophisticated and formal. The company’s name uses blocks and serif lettering, appealing to a corporate customer. The sign styling projects a sense of premium quality and professionalism, which is exactly what the company wants to project.

Kal Krishnan Consulting, Lobby Signs

When you’re considering adding lobby signs to your business, contact us. We can help you decide on what sign type and styling might be best for your business. Whether you just want to use your logo and/or business name or have something special you need to be designed, we can help.

Take a look at our office sign gallery then contact us to see how we can best help your business.

Office Signs In Ventura Create a Cohesive Brand Experience at theTradeDesk

At Dave’s Signs, we know that interior office signs say one thing about a business: it is well established and intends to continue to expand for years to come.

Office Signs in Ventura

theTradeDesk Lobby Sign

Notice how prominent the brand name is in this interior office lobby sign. It’s made out of dimensional letters. The blue line of the handrail is a play on lines often found in graphs used in measuring data. Walking into this office, it’s immediately clear that the brand is well-developed and permanent, which is especially important when inviting customers to partner with them for digital advertising.

Office Signs in Ventura

Conference Room Window Graphic Sign

This window graphic office sign is on the outside of a conference room. Note how we broke the sign up into eight window panels. When you look at this sign, you feel as if you’re going to walk out onto the Ventura pier when you enter the conference room. It is an attractive experience, and also speaks to the fact that the company is at home in Ventura. They’re here to stay.


Office Signs in Ventura

Office Door Window Graphic Sign

This office door window graphic prominently displays the name of the company beneath an image of a beautiful plaza, offering a similarly exciting experience to the one above. This can really cause employees to feel as if they are in another country, just by looking through that door and walking through it. Window graphics like these in can spark employees’ imaginations and make them more creative in their projects and assignments, boosting productivity and profitability.

Dave’s Signs Can Create Signs to Boost Employee Productivity

At Dave’s Signs, we know that office signs are not just created to boost sales and revenues, but also to boost employee morale and productivity. Contact us to learn how we can create the perfect office sign that will boost employee morale and lend itself to the expression of your office as a permanent, trustworthy fixture in the community.

Dave’s Signs Blog

This is a blog about signs. We highlight the different types of signs: signs we’ve created for our customers, history of sign design and today’s cutting edge sign technologies. Ask a question about signs, and you’ll likely find the answer here.

Case Studies

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Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

Custom Signs Near You

Saloon BBQ Custom Sign

We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and serviced signs all over southern California. Here are some highlighted areas near you including Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Check back soon for more updates.

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