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Why Your Business Should use Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are custom-made metal or acrylic letters that are used for signs. They are lit up and visible at night, even from far away. They are the first choice of companies and businesses who want to stand out and make sure their brand is advertised with distinction.

When it comes to making channel letter signs we’ve built signs from the smallest mom and pop businesses to some of the largest companies around. Check out this familiar sign below:

Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter Signs are Cost Effective

Using Channel Letter Signs is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your brand. You will be able to attract more customers to your business with a beautiful channel letter sign. It is a common goal among the businesses to keep their costs down. Since channel letters are not very expensive and more importantly, they act as a one-time investment, this is the perfect opportunity to save some money. You can browse through many options from ready-made simple, plain letters to LED ones and personalized designs. Check out our gallery here.

Channel Letter Signs

They Are Environmentally Friendly

These channel letters are also environmentally friendly. If you are looking to support the Go Green initiative, this is one way to do so. To start with, they use LED lights. Since LED lights don’t contain mercury or lead, this is a green option. While fluorescent and neon lights increase the attractiveness, they don’t really help the environment. Using LED lights will help you receive permits more easily because of their environment-friendly nature.

Channel Letter Signs

They Will Boost Your Brand Image

Last but not the least, channel letters can give your brand image a huge boost. They talk about the business’s vision and attitude. These signs convey the brand’s image – playful, inviting, fancy, or friendly. These can also be customized to reflect the brand in the best manner possible. While it costs reasonable money at the time of installation, it does not require anything more in the long run.

Our Team at Dave’s Signs would love to help you out with any of your channel letter signage requirements. Make sure out our other channel letter signs in our gallery here.



How to Save Money with Energy Efficient Business Signs

There are plenty of ways to save money with business signs. The trick is to find the best and the most energy efficient business sign options available. Old and out of date lighting systems can cost your company money in the long run. This is usually seen in small businesses. Check out this bright sign below.

energy efficient signs

Energy Efficient Business Signs

If you are somebody who is dealing with flickering or unreliable signs, day in and day out, you should take a look at solutions that will last for a long time. Energy efficient business signs will save you a lot on operating costs along with giving off an attractive look for your brand. Since neither the consumers nor the employees will be disturbed by feeble or flickering signs, it will be beneficial for your business. Check out this illuminated business sign below.

energy efficient signs

Business signs are used not only in storefronts but also in lobbies and conference rooms. You might even spot them in restaurants, airports, and retail outlets. Since the vast majority use bright colors and lights, it is only natural to make them as energy efficient as possible so that not only is our environment helped, but we also save money. Check out this custom lighted business sign below.

energy efficient signs

We offer a free assessment of your existing signs and our installers will let you know the best course you can take. A way you can save energy is to use ENERGY STAR certified signage that use cooler-running lighting technology.  The lights that are ENERGY STAR rated are 18% more energy efficient than those that are not energy conscious. This can save your business some money over the course of the year.

Do note that using such measures may also make you eligible to earn some benefits by the government. Using our energy efficient business signs will not only help you save on energy costs, but they are more environmentally friendly as well. Check out our gallery to see some great options to choose from.



The Advantages of Blade Signs

Blade signs are types of signs that are usually mounted perpendicular on the wall of a building. These signs help to point pedestrians and other visitors in the direction of your store.

Blade Sign

This eye-grabber (like the sign one above) is designed specifically to attract foot traffic and with blade signs, you cannot go wrong. These signs can add some uniqueness and spark to your brand. Traditionally, blade signs were carved out of wooden planks and coated with bright colors of paint. With time, these planks have been changed to reflect a high-tech feel with flashy designs and colors. There are a few options that you can consider. Some of them are mentioned below.

Sandblasted Panel Signs

These are made when high-density urethane (HDU) boards are sandblasted to show the style, details and the 3D lettering that you have chosen. Once this is done, they paint and seal it, making it ready for display. These types of panel signs are durable and long lasting, perfect for the outdoors.  Check out the one below and talk to one of our sign technicians today for more ideas.

blade sign

Box Cabinet Signs

Custom-formed lightbox cabinets can light up the front of your store. This sign features an imprinted vinyl overlay or dimensional letters at the front. You can make it dual faced as well. The advantage of doing this is to make it attractive to people on both sides of the sign.

box cabinet signs

Aluminum Blade Signs

These blade signs like the one above are the most cost-effective option of all of them. They will not only be made to meet your brands needs but they also look great and are light in weight. We can affix dimensional letters, add a vinyl overlay, or paint any areas as you please.

Blade Signs

Dave’s Signs have been around for over 20 years and our reputation precedes us. We create blade signs and projecting signs of all kinds. We specialize in sign design, fabrication, installation, service, and repair. For questions on how to make your blade sign stand out. Give us a call at (805) 232-3865 or contact us online.

You can check out more blade signs here.




Why Your Business Needs Signage That Stands Out

Unlike in the past, various factors contribute to business development and success today. Business managers and owners need to adopt unique marketing strategies to capture their audience’s attention in this competitive market.

Apart from advertising services and products offered by businesses and communicating effectively with customers, ideal business signage is one of the most cost-effective and efficient options for attracting customers and advertising your brand. 

 Business Signage

According to research, a big percentage of customers said that they entered a business or a store for the first time just because of the allure of the sign. This tells you that business signs work.

Below are various reasons why businesses should adopt custom signs for their businesses.

Enhancing Brand Exposure

Well designed business signage boosts your brand’s exposure which eventually helps your business scale to new heights and maintain the lead among your competitors. It also increases the chances of getting repeat customers and attracting many new potential ones.

See how simple, yet effective this sign looks below?

business signage

Cost Effectiveness

Signage is among the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. Once you have paid for the design and sign itself, there will be no added cost once it is installed. What’s more, it will advertise the business round the clock all year long.


A custom sign helps set your business ahead of your competitors while helping you to develop an exclusive brand for your potential customers. However, in order to have a sign that sets your business apart from the rest; you need to have a unique, long lasting and beautiful sign. 

This custom sign below is full of color, you can’t miss it!

business signage

If you are looking to update your business signs. Give us a call at (805) 232-3865 or contact us online to see how our expertise and exceptional service can get you the signs you are looking for at an affordable price. Be sure to check out our gallery to get inspired.

Sign Conversions – Modernizing and Updating Old Signage

Country Inn & Suites Conversion to the Amanzi Hotel

Outdoor business signage goes a long way in branding your business. Well-designed signage can go a long way in attracting more customers, increasing the profitability of your business.

We at Dave’s Signs have handled scores of sign conversion projects for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Modernizing and Updating Old Signage

When it comes to updating old signage, our proven process, creativity, and sign expertise allow us to provide clients with outstanding signage results.

Here is a quick case study about one of our latest projects. It’s a classic example of how a modern sign projects a more upscale image for the hotel.

Project – Pylon & Monument Sign Conversions for the Amanzi Hotel

The ownership of Country Inn & Suites changed hands, and the new owner wanted to rebrand the business to the Amanzi Hotel. This hotel mostly caters to tourists visiting the area. The client saw our website and was interested in the information and details of the signage services we provide. Since the business was being rebranded, our client needed to upgrade the existing signage that was already on the property.

The Client Had Very Specific Requests:

  • They wanted a modern sign design using their new logo that would immediately draw the attention of passing tourists.
  • The remodel and rebranding design needed to be in sync with the interior design of the hotel.
  • The project included a pole sign with freeway visibility and two ground monument signs at the entry driveways.
  • They needed the new signs to fit over existing old misshapen sign structures.

Here is a photo of the old entryway monument sign below.

Modernizing and Updating Old Signage

Sign Design, Fabrication & Installation

The pylon sign was created using LED illuminated channel letters over pan formed aluminum. Some of the unique features of the sign are the halo lit wave details. Best of all, we successfully fit the sign right over the old structure. The job went smoothly from start to finish.

Modernizing and Updating Old Signage

We handled everything from the design, fabrication, and installation of the Amanzi Hotel pylon and the entryway monument signs. The illuminated signs reflect the more upscale image of the new hotel and our client is extremely happy with the outcome.

In addition to design, fabricating and installation services, we also handle maintenance and repairs of all types of signage.

For more information, feel free to call Dave’s Signs at (805) 232-3785, or reach out to us online and we will get back to you shortly.

Be sure to also check out our sign galleries for some inspiration.



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