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How to Brand Your Growing Business with Corporate Building Signs

As anyone who has tried to grow their business knows, it’s vital to focus on your branding efforts. After all, even Pepsi and Coca-Cola still work on branding, and they’ve been America’s favorite sodas since the 1940s. There are many different aspects of branding for you to work on, including your corporate signs. Without proper signage, your customers won’t be able to connect each of your products to your specific company. Instead, read on to find out more about corporate building signs that give your prospective customers a lasting impression.

Steps to Branding with Corporate Building Signs

Before you begin designing your signs, make sure you know what colors and logo you’re going to use. Daves’s Signs does excellent design work. We can take anything from a loose sketch to existing logos, fonts, colors—to brand guidelines or architectural renderings that were done by an agency, to collaborate and present you with sign solutions.

For instance, we can take your existing logo to come up with eye-catching sign ideas, resulting in something wonderful in terms of look and feel that fits your needs. Dave’s Signs is also fully knowledgeable about what the city allows for signage. We’ll work to get you a beautiful sign that checks all the boxes when it comes to local ordinances.

Bank of the Sierra Channel Letter Sign
Bank of the Sierra Channel Letter Sign.

Starting from scratch? No problem—our design team can collaborate with you to design the perfect branding solution for your business needs. In short, we’ll design, fabricate and install a sign that meets all city requirements and elevates your brand.

Lastly, you’ll need to decide between several different sign types. Some are easier to choose than others based purely on your location or industry.

Custom Signs That Make Excellent Corporate Building Signs

The custom sign types available from Dave’s Signs include:

Below is some information about these custom signs, including how they draw attention to your brand.

Dimensional Letters 

Storefront Signs

Dimensional Letter Signs refer to any lettering or logo that has three dimensions (as opposed to flat panels). You may also hear them called metal letters, plastic cut letters or 3D graphics too. While dimensional letters are not intrinsically illuminated, they can be lit in some ways. When similar letters are internally illuminated or backlit, they are called channel letters.

Illuminated Signs

If your business is open after dark, Illuminated Signs are a must-have. Illuminated signs will help people engage with your business, while also providing high visibility day and night. Additionally, bear in mind that some shopping centers and property management companies make it mandatory that your storefront signs be illuminated. For more information on illuminated signs check out our post, “What are the Different Types of Lighted Signs? Here are our Top 5.”

Neon Signs

If you want to make a lasting impression, Neon Signs have been getting desired results for brands for over a century. Neon tubing has been a popular solution for both creating and accenting signs for over 100 years, and their steady, piercing lights have a high visual impact, bringing attention to the artwork from blocks away. The businesses that choose neon signs light up the night with distinct primary colors, making them a definite focal point at night, thereby branding your business.

Monument Signs

For many hotels, shopping malls, apartment complexes, business parks, restaurants, and even city entryways, exterior monument signs are truly impressive and make a large impact. Monument signage provides a wonderful landmark for your company by letting all passers-by know exactly who and where you are.

Property Management Signs

Property Management Signs covers all sign types for apartments, planned communities, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings & properties, and retail outlets. They work hard to elevate your brand and establish your reputation, along with helping your business communicate effectively with the local community with a cohesive look and functionality throughout.

Channel Letter Signs

Custom Corporate Signs: Finney's

Channel Letter Signs is one of the best ways to present your business to the public and one of the most popular. By forming each channel letter separately using its own light source, you get a 3D effect for your corporate signs that are awe-inspiring to your prospective customers. Some of the most high-end and complex illuminated signs use channel letters. For more info on channel letters, check out our post “Channel Letters 101 – What You Need to Know to Select Yours,” or see lots of examples in our channel letters sign gallery.

Office Signs

Custom Corporate Signs: Derby Curtis on wood

Interior Office Signs often require elegance and elevated visual appeal. Dave’s Signs can provide custom Lobby Signs, illuminated or not, Letter Set Signs, Interior Signs, Way-finding Signs, ADA Signs, Office Suite Signs, Door Signs, Interior Store Signs with beautiful fabricated letters and logos. Pair them with custom exterior signs to really enforce your brand name in your customer’s mind.

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphic Wall Sign

Few things set your business apart more than Custom Graphics. These include anything from Custom Printed Graphics & Signage, Hand Painted Signs, Custom Wall, Floor, Window Graphics, Custom Boat & Vehicle Graphics. The images and lettering used can transform something drab into dynamic and modern branding. Our sign professionals can take your ideas and turn them into custom graphics with visual appeal. Or, we can start from scratch and design you something totally unique.

Window Graphics

Windows, which make up a large portion of your storefront, restaurant, or office, can provide excellent real estate for marketing your business effectively. Our sign experts will create Custom Window Graphics based on your brand requirements. Whether we design it or you bring us the designs, we can make full-color stickers, vinyl letters and install them to look great.

Blade Signs

 Custom Corporate Signs: Rookees

Blade Signs create visual interest and function well in many environments. They really make for nice corporate building signs too. These signs hang vertically or horizontally on a bracket or frame near the entryway to your store, restaurant or building. Likewise, Blade Signs work well in strip malls, downtown businesses, areas with frequent pedestrian traffic and business with sidewalks in front. Want to see some great examples? Check out our blade sign gallery or head downtown to your favorite stores and restaurants.

AES Channel Letter Sign

Do I Really Need a High-Quality Corporate Sign?

Have you ever been to a store that’s still using a worn-out sign that’s seen better days? If so, you already know how unprofessional this can look. These battered signs might be considered charming at a vegetable stand on the side of the road. However, if you plan to be in business for the long run, then it’s best to invest in high-quality signs.

So, to answer the question, yes, you do need a high-quality corporate sign. Consider beautiful, professional corporate building signs a sound investment since placing one outside your building or outside of your restaurant is going to get you more attention, better-paying customers and a better all-around feeling about your business.

Let Dave’s Signs Help with Your Corporate Building Signs

Branding your business is the ultimate business strategy. No matter what type of signs you need, call Dave’s Signs for assistance at (805) 641-1387 or Request a Quote online. We’ve got the perfect signage solutions for you and we are specialists in creating unique signs for our customers for more than 20 years. We’ll work with you, the city you are located in and make sure you get the signs that are right for you.

Does Cold Weather Affect Neon Signs?

Neon signs are iconic, and you can find them scattered all around California and the rest of the country. In fact, the state is home to the oldest constantly running neon light in the world,  a neon light that was found at Clifton’s Cafeteria in Los Angeles.

They’re a popular choice for bars and restaurants because they look classy and give off a fun vibe that fits with food, drinks, and entertainment. But how do neon signs hold up in cold weather? This is a question that many business owners ask themselves when looking for ways to increase their business.

If you are wondering the same thing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss everything from how neon signs react to different temperatures to what materials are used in making them. So read on and find out more about what you need to know about neon signs and cold weather.

Neon Signs & Cold Weather

To understand how a neon sign will react in cold temperatures, you first have to understand what’s happening inside the tube of the sign when it gets too chilly outside. In short, two things that can happen: Either the gas inside of the glass tube can cool off and turn into a liquid, or it can crystallize on the inner walls. When you see your neon sign begin to flicker as if it is having trouble working properly, then this means that that gas has turned into a liquid inside its glass tube. Flickering neon doesn’t necessarily mean a broken sign; it simply means the sign needs to be re-pressurized most of the time.

Different Types of Neon Signs


Below are the types of neon signs you are most likely to see in the United States:

    • Pure neon: These are glass signs that use only neon gas as the source of their light. They emit red photons, which results in very vivid and bright red neon lights. Pure neon signs are less susceptible to cold weather.
    • Neon/argon blend: This type of sign is similar to pure neon signs, but they contain a small amount of argon with the neon to create different colors. Argon reacts strongly to cold weather, and the ratio of it to neon will determine how the brightness and performance of a neon sign are affected in the winter. They also dim and flicker more than other neon signs in cold weather.
    • Neon/helium blend: These signs have helium added to lower their operating temperature range. They emit a very bright blue color which is visible from great distances at night, especially if they are backlit. Also, both helium and argon blended neon signs in blue, green, yellow and white colors are more prone to discoloration in cold weather temperatures.


Do Southern California Winters Get Cold Enough to Affect a Neon Sign?

As mentioned, argon gas is especially susceptible to cold weather. Its atoms can become affected at temperatures 45˚F and under. This causes the gas molecules to move more slowly and may cause your neon sign to appear slightly dimmer. As such, if you live in Southern California, you may wonder if it gets cold enough here to affect a custom neon sign.

Winter weather temperatures in Southern California get down to around 60˚F in the day and with cooler lows ranging around 40-50˚F at night. This means it’s not uncommon for some neon signage to experience a slight dimming at night. Especially those filled with argon.

What Can You Do for Your Neon Signs?

Placing your neon signage on the inside of the store’s windows vs. outside will typically cut down on the negative effects cold weather can have on your glass neon sign. It will keep the tube a bit warmer and also protect it from being hit by debris. Additionally, you can place your sign in front of an air vent to help increase airflow around the tubes; this will prevent moisture buildup inside them when they are not on.

LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Sign

If you are looking for neon signage that will perform better than traditional ones in cold weather, consider opting for an LED version instead. LED illuminated signs emit the same halo glow you see with glass neon, but they run on electricity instead of gas. Also, having LED signs instead of neon ones means that there is no need for warming up and the light will not experience any dimming in cold weather conditions.

Contact Dave’s Signs for Your Custom Sign Needs

If you notice that the lights from your neon sign seem dimmer than usual or if they start flickering for no reason, you should turn the sign-off and give us a call as soon as possible. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your neon sign and let you know what we would recommend that you do.

Neon signage attracts attention like no other type of signage, and Dave’s Signs is a leader in the industry for creating this popular type of handmade signage. If you need to have your custom neon sign replaced or repaired, our experts are available to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have about maintaining your signage throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure our customers have great signage at all times of the day.

Whether your business is looking for something warm or cool-colored, glass neon or LED neon, we have what you are looking for at great prices. Simply call us at (805) 641-1387 or fill out our online form to get a fast and free estimate.

Illuminated Signs that Help Meet California’s Clean Energy Goals

California is one of the most progressive states when it comes to renewable energy. And its goal is for all electricity in the state to come from carbon-free sources over the next 2-3 decades. Illuminated signs can also be a part of California’s Clean Energy Project. This article will talk about how lighted signs can help your business meet clean energy goals.

LED-Lit Signs

Decorative and practical, LED-lit signs are a great way to meet solar goals. This type of signage makes branding and promotional messages easy, as well as provides useful information such as hours of operation or contact details.

LED-Lit signs use much less energy than traditional incandescent lights, oftentimes using as much as 75% less energy. LEDs can also save you in replacement costs because they can last 25 times longer than regular incandescent lighting.

Electronic Illuminated Signs

illuminated sign with digital lighting

Electronic illuminated signs are a special type of LED or digital sign that displays things such as time & temperature and gas prices. Also, many backlit, monument, pylon, real estate and property signs use electronic illuminated signage.

Because these signs can be powered with electricity created by a nearby solar panel, they can be cost-effective, while also assisting with meeting California’s clean energy goals. In addition, bright, daylight-visible light-emitting diode bulbs provide over 100,000 hours of continuous operation, which outlasts comparable incandescent lamps significantly.

Energy Star Certified Signage

Illuminated signs that use barnyard lighting

Energy Star signage meets the state’s stringent energy efficiency standards, as they are 18% more efficient than traditional illuminated options. This type of signage uses lightbulbs that are highly efficient and last longer. In addition, this special type of custom signage has cooler running panel tech that is extremely affordable.


Historic restoration we did for Castillo Inn at the Beach.

If your business already has an illuminated sign, you don’t have to worry about having to find a new one. LED retrofitting can be done on almost all types of existing signs, allowing them to operate more efficiently and for longer periods of time. In a nutshell, they use less energy overall.

Green Fabrication Processes

Dave’s Signs provides the highest quality signage displays and we reduce our carbon footprint through our company-wide green initiatives. By using green fabrication processes and materials whenever possible, we continue to reduce the environmental impact of our work.

For example, Dave’s Signs’ acrylic lightboxes are green and made of 100% post-consumer recycled acrylic plastic. The acrylic material in them is heated to high temperatures to form a uniform sheet that is cut into shape. This process creates very little waste. Additionally, it allows us to use only the amount of material necessary for each sign, thereby reducing our environmental impact even more.

Also, for any paint products used in the restoration of lit and unlit signs, we partner with <> for our customers and minimize waste of paint and any other substances used in the sign manufacturing process.

Dave’s Signs for Eco-Conscious Illuminated Signs

If you’re looking to find new signs that meet California’s clean energy goals, the best way is to work with a sign company like Dave’s Signs. We can create something specifically for your needs! Serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles counties and Nationwide areas, we can help you choose from our wide variety of signage options and designs.  Give us a call today at (805) 641-1387 or fill out our online form for a free and easy quote. We’ll be happy to assist you in getting your business or organization’s green signage up and running as quickly as possible!

The Top Reasons Why You Need Office Suite Signs

It’s no secret that signage is an important aspect of commercial property. Whether you’re a large company or small business, it’s vital to your success that people can easily find your office suite. For this reason, we offer office suite signs as part of our services!

What are Office Suite Signs?

Office Suite Sign

Office suite signs are plaques or other types of interior signage that are placed in a visible location on the office door or beside it to ensure they’re visible to everyone passing by. They bring artwork, information, branding, and more to the building’s interior. The business’s name, office suite number, department name, and other details are typically listed on the plaque.

Top Reasons You Need Office Suite Signage

Office suite signs are important for many reasons – here are just a few:

1. Professionalism – Building Confidence

A professionally-inspired indoor office sign impresses clients and also makes your staff feel like they are professionals too. This aspect will also show in the way they treat your customers.

2. Aesthetics that Enhance Your Brand

Custom office suite signs provide a uniform and professional look.  For example, a plexiglass sign with standoffs may compliment a contemporary office, whereas classic engraved signage could be a fit for a more traditional space. Also, they can complement and enhance almost any aesthetic, turning the drab interiors and bare walls of an office suite into something unique and vibrant.

3. Safety & ADA Compliance

Suite signs help promote workplace safety through better awareness of working locations by employees and visitors alike, as well as the location of exits, fire alarms, and emergency equipment.

In addition, there are benefits to keeping track of who is in which offices from a safety standpoint too. For instance, office suite signage allows you to easily identify which office someone is in if they don’t come to a meeting point during a real evacuation or drill.

4. Wayfinding Solutions

At the end of the day, every office is a place of business. Most office suites have several doors, making it easy for people to get lost – even if they are familiar with the building. For instance, if customers come in for a meeting, they can find the right conference room easily.

5. Save Money Especially When Changes Happen

Office suite signs

Office suite signs are cost-effective and take up very little space; making them perfect for small to medium businesses. They reinforce your brand, while also presenting an inexpensive form of advertising for your company, which can increase exposure.

Lastly, when a new tenant comes in there are minimal costs for adding them since all you have to do is create a new plaque.

Dave’s Signs for Your Custom Office Suite Signage

  • As you can see, interior signs are perfect to indicate the location and main features of different departments within an office suite or commercial building. The professionals at Dave Signs have been utilizing interior signs in various ways from security purposes to being cost-effective and simple wayfinding tools. You can contact us at (805) 641-1387 and let us design and install your next Interior Signage today! Alternatively, you can use our online form for a free quote or answer any questions you have.

10 Ideas for Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

Outdoor lighted business signs are an effective way to attract customers and stand out on the street. Whether you’re looking for a permanent sign or want something that can be easily changed when new tenants move in, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right sign for your business or location.

Halo-lit channel letter signs like this one for Bank of the Sierra really make a statement at night.

Halo-lit channel letter signs like this one for Bank of the Sierra really make a statement at night.Lighted commercial business signs offer a range of creative possibilities to draw attention and communicate with customers after dark.

Come with us as we go over these 10 best commercial signs examples.

What are the 10 Popular Types of Outdoor Light-Up Signs?


Did you know that there are many different types of outdoor lighted signs for your business? There are.

Lighted signs for business can be a great way to improve visibility, which is essential if you want potential customers to come in. Here we discuss the varieties of exterior illuminated signs and what they are best used for.

From classic neon lights, lightbox signs to creative halo-lit channel letters, these ten ideas for outdoor lighted business signs will help you create a memorable first impression with potential customers.


1) Outdoor LED Signs – Custom Deck Signs for Eric Ericsson’s Fish Co.

Exterior signs like this one need to withstand the elements. The Deck located at the Ventura Pier sits right next to the water.
Exterior signs like this one need to withstand the elements. The Deck located at the Ventura Pier sits right next to the water.

If you’ve been searching online for “Outdoor LED Signs near me,” we’ve got you covered. For example, Outdoor LED Signs like the one used at the Deck for Eric Ericsson’s Fish Co. are prevalent and can be used for many different purposes.

These types of signs can be made in various shapes and sizes and utilize LED bulbs, making them perfect for outdoor signage. They also increase customer curiosity with eye-catching illumination, with everyone wanting to know more about you. Plus, it’s 24/7 advertising for your business.

2) Illuminated Blade Signs – Midici Wood-Fired Pizza

Midici Wood Fired Pizza cabinet blade sign - a custom lightbox - and halo-lit channel letters in Ventura, CA.
Midici Wood Fired Pizza cabinet blade sign – a custom lightbox – and halo-lit channel letters in Ventura, CA.

Illuminated Blade Signs are impressive and elegant. Outdoor commercial signs like this cabinet-styled Blade Sign we created for the outside of Midici’s can really put your restaurant on the map. Custom shapes, sizes, and colors, the possibilities with these types of functional, cute outdoor signs are endless. If you need your business name to stand out and capture a particular essence, you can create it with this kind of exterior illuminated sign.

3) Monument Signs – Star of CA

Monument signs are great for business parks and attracting customers at night.
Monument signs are great for business parks and attract customers at night.

Good for the hospitality and property management industry, a lighted Monument Sign works well for businesses that have multiple locations or if there are multiple buildings in an office park. They direct customers where they need to go by simply pointing them in the right direction.

Sometimes you want to make a big statement with commercial outdoor signs like this Star of CA sign does. These type of free standing business signs can be seen from the freeway and really stands out.

You can also attract customers at night with standalone business road signs like this GANAS Pole Sign in Oxnard. Really – it can literally be seen by drivers and passengers that are miles away!

business road signs

4) Outdoor Neon Signs – Toppers Pizza

Neon signs using the business name are the go-to for restaurant signs like this one, Toppers Pizza.
Neon signs using the business name are the go-to for restaurant signs like this one, Toppers Pizza.

Dazzling and beautiful, Neon Restaurant Signs elevate you and set your business apart from the rest.

Take a look at the gorgeous neon adorning the outside of Toppers Pizza in the Channel Islands Harbor. The vintage neon makes its presence known. How could you resist going inside?

Neon signs have a beautiful glow and can come in just about any color you want. Believe it or not, they are actually pretty energy efficient and long-lasting. And being that the technology is over 100 years old, they will never go out of style.

5) Custom Illuminated Shop Front Signs – Toxic

Retail storefronts often use neon mixed with metal letters - channel letters - of their logo as the perfect solution.
Retail storefronts often use neon mixed with metal letters – channel letters – of their logo as the perfect solution.

Just like restaurant signs, Custom Neon Storefront Signs  are a great way to add a unique, eye-catching style to your business. Whether you want to attract customers with a bright, bold design or create a vintage atmosphere, custom neon storefront signs offer unlimited design possibilities to give your business an edge over the competition.

Just look at this sign we did for Toxic – electrifying!

6) Halo-lit Channel Letter Signs – Fluid State

As you may have noticed, halo-lit channel letters are some of the most popular types of signage for every industry.
As you may have noticed, halo-lit channel letters are some of the most popular types of signage for every industry.

No off-the-shelf sign will make your brand stand out better than a custom-made Halo-Lit Channel Letter Sign. 

Check out the sign we did for Fluid State. They’re located in a historic bank building in downtown Ventura. They wanted something unique to grab attention, so we wrapped the sign around the corner of the building and lit it up with LED lights.

Since the building is on a corner, the sign can be seen around the block. However, if you are passing by up close, you’ll want to go around the restaurant to see the whole sign. Now that’s getting attention!

Note that the commercial business signs cost for illuminated signs can fit in your budget, too, with prices depending on the size of the sign you choose and the lighting method.

7) Front-lit Channel Letters – Regency Theatres

Front lit channel letters, like this one in Agoura Hills, CA really stand out to passersby on the 101 freeway.
Front-lit channel letters, like this one in Agoura Hills, CA really stand out to drivers on the 101 freeway.

Are you looking for a highly visible and well-proven sign that will grab people and draw them into your business when they pass by? If so, look no further than Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs. You can’t go wrong.

These types of signs have been created for every business imaginable. From shopping malls, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters – like this one we did for Regency Theatres in Agoura Hills – you can almost smell the popcorn inside!

These signs are durable, energy-efficient, and will stand the test of time.

A well-designed and installed front-lit channel letter sign can give your business a professional and polished appearance, which can help to attract customers and improve brand image – making it a worthwhile investment.

8) Custom LED Logo Sign – Pandora

Small businesses can't go wrong with custom LED logo signs like this exterior sign for Pandora.
Small businesses can’t lose with custom LED logo signs like this exterior sign for Pandora.

Custom signs like LED Logo Signs are great for every industry. Companies use them outside their store, on monument signs, pole signs, and more. The best thing about these signs is the quality of the lighting – they’re beautiful. 

We can make Channel Letter Signs in several styles, such as front-lit (the most common), halo-lit, front/back-lit, and open-face-lit channel letters.

Our top pick here is a glowing Halo-Lit Channel Letter sign using LED lighting that we did for the jewelry retailer Pandora.


9) Externally Lit 3D Acrylic Sign – ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Externally lit 3D exterior signs are budget-friendly and look great, even with just your company name or logo.
Externally lit 3D exterior signs are budget-friendly and look great, even with just your company name or logo.

Small businesses don’t always have the budget for fancy channel letter signs. 3D Signs or Dimensional Letter signs look fantastic and professional without the higher cost.

The good news is that they can be lit up with external lighting, as we did for ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc. We designed this acrylic 3D sign for ACH and mounted it to the wall on the outside of the building. We lit it up using classic barn lighting. It looks great on the brick. Plus, anyone driving by at night sees it, too.

10) Custom Marquee Lighted Signs – Garry Marshall Theatre

You can't miss this Marquee Sign at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank - plus the movie poster lightboxes.
You can’t miss this Marquee Sign at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank – plus the movie poster and logo lightbox signs.

If you’re looking for a way to add character to your business or want your message seen by all, then consider getting a Marquee Sign.

A Marquee Sign like this one for the Garry Marshall Theatre is a great way to evoke the timeless charm of old Hollywood while also getting people’s attention. Plus, it’s low maintenance and energy efficient.

Types of Businesses that Use Marquee Signs:

    • Retail Stores
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Entertainment Venues
    • Medical Offices & Clinics
    • Schools & Universities
    • Churches & Religious Organizations
    • Hotels & Resorts
    • Financial Institutions
    • Automotive Dealerships

No matter the setting, adding a Marquee Sign can bring life to any business. 

11) Illuminated Cabinet Signs or Lightbox Signs

Wait, there’s one more! Let’s not forget the ever-popular and budget-friendly Cabinet or Lightbox Sign.

Another great option is an illuminated lightbox sign like this one for The Kimpton Goodland Hotel in Goleta, CA.
Another great option is an illuminated lightbox sign like this one for The Kimpton Goodland Hotel in Goleta, CA.

Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs are illuminated signs that typically use fluorescent or LED lamps to provide a bright and eye-catching display. You can typically find Lightbox Signs in storefronts, retail spaces, hotels, and just about every gas station. They are usually made from an aluminum frame with a translucent graphic face to make the design visible from both sides.

Monument signs like the one below are similar free standing business signs that function the same way as cabinet and lightbox signs. You can light monument signs with LEDS, neon or barn lighting to give your brand some serious mojo.   

Benefits include:

  1. High Visibility: Lightbox Signs are highly visible due to their bright display, making them ideal for drawing attention to your business.
  2. Customization Options: We can design Lightbox Signs to fit any space or message. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  3. Durability: Lightbox Signs are weather-resistant and have a long lifespan, making them a great investment for businesses wanting to get maximum value out of their signage.

Another nice thing about Lightbox Signs is that if a tenant moves out, the cost to update the sign for the new occupant is minimal since you are only changing the face.

Get Noticed with Custom Illuminated Signs

A neon sign never goes out of style like this one we did for Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.
A neon sign never goes out of style like this one we did for Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Dave’s Signs has a wide range of illuminated signs that will help you stand out in any environment. Whether it’s an eye-catching neon sign to draw attention or a classic marquee sign for your theatre, our team can help you create the perfect custom signage solution for your business. Our experts specialize in creating striking illuminated signs explicitly designed for your company that can help you stand out and gain the attention you deserve.

The Benefits of Using Lighted Business Signs versus Standard Unlit Signs

This sign we did looks great in the daytime, but it looks even better at night. Check it out yourself in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
This sign we did looks great in the daytime, but it looks even better at night. Check it out yourself in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to advertising, it’s essential to consider the impact of lighted and unlighted signs in your strategy. Lighted business signs, in particular, offer 24/7 visibility for your business, a benefit that unlit signs simply can’t match.

While unlighted signs may look appealing during the day, studies have consistently shown that illuminated signs draw attention more quickly and leave a lasting impression compared to non-illuminated designs.

Whether you choose a super sophisticated sign with a custom design using multiple lighting technologies or a simple dimensional letter sign with external lighting. We recommend you build your brand recognition by creating an eye-catching and more memorable customer experience that a lighted business sign provides.

We Serve Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties and Ship Nationwide

We have quite a few apartment complex customers in California like this one in San Francisco.

As the premier provider of lighted business signage, Dave’s Signs proudly serves businesses across Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties. Our superior-quality signs are available for local installation, and we ship nationwide. However, if you have a big enough job, we will come to your location nationwide.

We are proud to provide our clients with outstanding services that cover every step of their illuminated business signage needs. From design, permitting, fabrication through installation and maintenance, we ensure that your signs look their best!

Contact Dave’s Signs with Your Questions about Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

Combining lighting styles can really create that WOW Factor like this sign for Finney's Crafthouse & Kitchen.
Combining lighting styles can really create that WOW Factor like this sign for Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen.

Who makes business lighted signs that command attention? Dave’s Signs! Here, we specialize in every type of illuminated sign. We also help clients ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to corporate clients with locations nationwide.

Since 1992, we have been helping storefronts, small businesses, shopping malls, restaurants, property managers, apartment complexes, business parks, hotels, hospitals, residential communities, corporate offices – you name it, we’ve done it.

Looking to enhance your business or organization with eye-catching electric signs for business? We’re glad to help! If you have any questions about lighting up your establishment, simply give us a call at ‭(805) 641-1387‬. Our friendly experts are always happy to assist you.

For your convenience, we also offer the option to request a free quote online. Illuminate your business today!



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Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

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Saloon BBQ Custom Sign

We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and serviced signs all over southern California. Here are some highlighted areas near you including Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Check back soon for more updates.

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Neon Sign Design Computer

We Make Beautiful Neon Signs in Our On-Site Facility

Dave’s Signs has perfected the art of neon signs. We can handle all sizes of neon signage, from the small intricate signs to the eye-catching, large neon signs. Ask us for a personalized quote or contact us for any questions you may have about neon signage.

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Dave’s Signs Makes Custom Office Signs

Whether you need a lobby sign, directional signage or ADA signs, Dave’s Signs can help you with all your office sign needs. We can use your logo and create a beautiful, distinctive sign for your office. We can also create custom building directory signs, suite signs, and directional signs to give the building a unique unified theme. Call us today to help you with all your office sign needs.

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