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Beautiful Signs locally here in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties; and Nationwide.

Newly Renovated Star of CA Monument Sign in Ventura, CA

Branding Your Business is the Only Path to Success

Dave’s Signs is a full-service sign company dedicated to helping display your business name in a way that best represents your brand. No sign job is too big or too small for us. We do it all.  Located in Ventura, California, we accommodate all sign needs. From local mom and pop businesses to large corporations with many locations in California and throughout the US.  We have extensive experience working with cities and landlords to design, fabricate, and install all sign types that meet your needs and are compliant with local ordinance. All hassle free.

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Discovery Ventura Channel Letter Sign

Custom illuminated signs, monument signs, channel letter signs, neon signs, dimensional letter signs, large-format digital signs, office signs and more.

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National Sign Accounts

We provide sign installation, survey work, permitting and maintenance services to national sign companies.

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Some of Our Latest Work in Ventura

Beach House Fish Dimensional Letter Sign in Ventura, CA

Here is an example of a dimensional letter sign made to withstand the surrounding ocean elements.

Case Studies 

Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

Custom Signs Near You 

Saloon BBQ Custom Sign

We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and serviced signs all over southern California. Here are some highlighted areas near you including Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Check back soon for more updates.

Call us today for an Estimate at (805) 641-1387 or

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Call us at (805) 641-1387