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Custom Neon Light Signs

When you think of a neon light sign, you may think of those signs that are in pubs and bars, a beer sign, for example.

However, personalized neon business signs can say whatever you want them to. Any design you wish can be crafted into a neon sign, within reason, of course.

Custom Light up Signs for Business:

Custom neon wall signs are one of our specialties! One unusual example of custom-lit signs for business we are proud of is this glowing Elvis skull below. Our neon sign shop created this nice piece of signage for the El Rey Catina. This type of personalized neon sign is easily within our wheelhouse.


We do many custom store signage such as this and often dabble in creative and unique designs that reflect the character and theme of the businesses we serve.

Whether it’s a vintage look for a retro diner or a sleek and modern aesthetic for a technology store, our goal is to make our custom lighting signs memorable pieces of art that connect with customers.

A Custom Neon Sign Outdoor Focus: Illuminating California’s Distinctive Destinations

At Dave’s Signs, we pride ourselves on our ability to create and restore beautiful signage with custom neon lights that capture the essence of the businesses they represent.

A prime example of our expertise is the custom neon sign outdoor work we completed for the historic Hollymont Apartments and Lido Hotel in California.

These iconic hotels and apartments, with their rich history and distinct personalities, need top-notch commercial neon signs that reflect their grandeur and elegance.

The Hollymont Neon Letter Sign : Convenient Living in the Heart of Los Feliz Village

custom led neon signs - the hollymont

Situated in the lively heart of Los Feliz Village, Hollymont Apartments provides residents with a combination of contemporary comfort and easy accessibility.

The glowing custom neon sign outdoor, created by Dave’s Signs, acts as both a friendly invitation and an emblem of the quality lifestyle awaiting inside.

The Lido Hotel: Elegance and Sophistication Through Classic Neon Design

custom neon lights - the lido hotel

Like the Hollymont, the Lido’s custom neon sign outdoor fixture in Hollywood is a work of art that harks back to a time of luxury and sophistication.

With its bold lettering and stylish details, this customized neon sign stands as a beacon to guests, welcoming them to an experience steeped in tradition and comfort.

Innovating with LED: Crafting Custom LED Neon Signs for Modern Brilliance

Dave’s Signs offers a cutting-edge alternative to traditional signs by embracing LED neon lights. Our custom LED neon signs combine the timeless appearance of neon with the energy efficiency and durability of LEDs.

The result: A business neon sign that marries classic allure with contemporary brilliance, offering a visually striking and eco-friendly solution that stands out in the competitive marketplace, drawing in customers with its vibrant and inviting glow.

Custom Led Lighted Signs with a Neon Effect

Mondo's Illuminated Sign

High-quality neon signs made with LED lighting are perfect for various applications, both indoor and outdoor. What’s more? These vibrant and flexible designs, made possible through the use of LED neon flex, align with any branding or theme.

Our commitment to innovation shines through in our use of LED neon lights. Each custom LED neon sign we create is not only environmentally friendly but also tailored to the specific needs and visions of our clients.

By marrying aesthetics and modern technology, we transform ideas into illuminating masterpieces that resonate with viewers.

Dave’s Signs: Your Neon Lettering Sign Shop

We are one of few shops still around that specialize in neon. We get calls nationwide about our custom neon sign work.

Sure, you can order neon signs from Wayfair or some other place that has off-the-shelf neon signs, but if you want something really unique, it’s going to have to be customizable neon signs.

And we aren’t talking about storefront neon signs here, but yes, we do those too. What we are talking about are those smaller indoor neon lights that can make a difference to viewers about what your experience is all about.

2 Exceptional Business Neon Signs

If you are thinking about elevating your brand with neon bar signs, check out the following. First, are the orange backlit neon signs we did for Finney’s Crafthouse and Kitchen. It’s a restaurant and bar with several locations throughout Ventura County and the Central Coast. The neon bar signs are in every location.

Illuminated Neon Light Sign Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen in Ventura, CA

Another example is the Children’s Dental Group. “Pre Flight Check-in,” how fun is that!?

Neon Light Sign for Children’s Dental Group in Oxnard, CA

We do them for stores, restaurants, offices, and even private clubs will order custom neon signs. Logos, ads, whatever, it’s up to you.

Make a statement, say something…show off your design. What are you trying to convey? Whatever that is, do it. Create a positive experience for viewers around your brand.

Need Help with the Design?

Do you want to try your hand at coming up with your own custom neon sign design? Or do you have a few custom neon sign ideas you want to make happen?
Our experienced design team will work with you to make these aspects a reality, whether you are local or nationwide.

And since we build everything in-house, you know the finished customized neon light signs we provide to you will be as impressive as your personal design.

As you can see, there is no need to endlessly search online for a “neon sign store near me”  and settle for what comes up on the web. You also don’t have to wait if you have questions about neon light signs.

That’s because Dave’s Signs has you covered with the best custom neon signs in the business! You can contact us at (805) 641-1387. Or, if you want, you can also send us your queries and project details via this Contact Us form.


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