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Hospitality Signage Ideas that Enhance the Guest Experience

Hospitality signs direct guests to where they need to go and be. Without them, they find navigating the building and ground a virtual maze. Of course, experiences like this are frustrating to them. Therefore, you can rely on excellent hospitality signage to enhance the guest experience. No matter what the reasons guests head to a hotel, one thing is clear:  They want every aspect of their stay to be easy and as streamlined as possible. 

Below are a few excellent examples of hospitality signage ideas that help guests plan and enjoy their stay.

For Clarity& Simplification

    • Entrance & exit signs: Signs at the entrance & exit are typically the first part of the guest experience. Because of this, strategically placed, colorful monument signs let guests know how to get in and out of your business.
Hospitality entrance sign for the Residence Inn, Marriott.
    • Illuminated signs: Eye-catching illuminated hotel signage leads guests to the right place. They simplify and improve their stay. For instance, the illuminated blade sign we created for Castillo Inn at the Beach lets Beachgoers know at a glance if there are vacancies or not.

Hospitality Signage

For Relaxation & Safety

    • Maps and directional signs  Guests expect relaxation and organization during their vacation or staycation. So, clear maps and directional signs at check-in counters, rooms, and corridors really elevate the guest experience by helping guests quickly find their way around.
    • Safety signage:  Safety directional signage assists people, including those who are handicapped, in finding anything from the elevators to an escape route during an urgent evacuation scenario. Above all, hotels must meet ADA standards. If they don’t – they are at serious risk of facing large fines. Dave’s Signs knows all the ADA rules and can help with these special types of hotel signs.


For Branding & Satisfaction

    • Hotel wayfinding signs: Wayfinding signs help people navigate their way around the building. They create a consistent and seamless experience for hotel guests. Furthermore, hospitality wayfinding signs also maintain branding. This ensures that all signs look the same around the entire property.  The best part about wayfinding signs? It’s like having an attendant in every area of your hotel. Your guest has a question, they find the answer, they follow the answer, and voila! They’re satisfied.

This Pierpoint Inn hotel sign gives comfort to guests in the familiar Wyndham brand.

Look to Dave’s Signs for Your Hospitality Signage

If you are searching for the perfect sign company for your hotel signs, look no further than Dave’s Signs. We have been furnishing beautiful signs for hotel businesses for over 20 years. Given these points, let’s work together to build excellent hospitality signage for your business. You can contact us at (805) 641-1387 or request a quote online.

What Goes into a Great Movie Theatre Sign?

The theatre industry is very competitive, and you need more than popcorn and blockbuster movies to draw in the movie crowds.  Eye-catching theatre signs are one way to stand apart, as they help add to the movie-going experience. From gorgeously designed marquees to cabinet signs, here is what goes into a great movie theatre sign.

A Great Move Theatre Sign Makes an Entrance 

Movie theatre entrance signs, or marquees as they are sometimes known, are mounted above the entrance to the theatre. The best ones immediately draw attention and can even be awe-inspiring. The bold, illuminated sign that adorns the entrance marquee to Regency Theatres is a good example of this.

Movie Theatre Signs - Regency Theaters

Theatre entrance signs can also feature a design or logo. The vintage Mayfair Theatre marquee sign pictured below shows this.

Mayfair vintage theatre sign
Mayfair Theatre vintage neon sign restoration by Dave’s Signs.

They Showcase History 

Garry Marshall theatre sign
Garry Marshall theatre sign in Burbank, CA.

Theatre designs often commemorate movie and TV history and the creative minds that bring them to us.  The famous Garry Marshall Theatre signage we created showcases a big piece of California film-making history, while also paying homage to Happy Days creator and American director Garry Marshall.

As you can see, the entrance signs of Garry Marshall Theatre feature the movie or play being shown and the celebrities appearing at that venue. The marquee’s distinctive neon design and its LED-illuminated poster cabinet panels in front beckon people to come and see what it’s all about.

They Stand Out

The Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara is part of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s also been a part of Santa Barbara’s Historic Theatre District for almost a century. Everything about the theatre is extraordinary, so not just any sign will do. Above all, it must stand out.

Theater Signs
Signage adorning the beautifully restored Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara.

The illuminated movie marquee sign we restored for them has a classic design that blends in nicely with the facade. The sign works to increase their visibility. Moviegoers can see the movie name and listings 24/7.

We Know What Goes into Making a Great Movie Theatre Sign

As you can see, the excitement of going to the movies isn’t only about seeing the stars on the silver screen. In 2020, there were nearly 2,000 movie signs in California.

In light of that, why not let Dave Signs make the next custom sign that helps set you apart from the crowd? To find out more about how we can create your next movie sign, contact us at (805) 641-1387. Also, you can fill out our online form to get a quote.



Lightbox Sign Styles That Help Rev Up Your Advertising Game

A Lightbox Sign is a type of sign that is commonly used for shopping malls, auto dealerships, gas stations, retail locations, and more. All of which use the advantage that extra visibility brings.

These cabinet-style signs, with their LED or neon illumination, provide visibility for your message. What’s more? Because they are highly visible night and day, they help rev up your advertising game 24/7.

Lightbox Signs Promote Your Brand Long-term

Professional lightbox signs are made of highly durable materials. These premium materials allow their use in just about any location. Additionally, these materials will work to promote your brand for the long term.

We’ve listed a few examples of different lighted box signs that help amplify your exposure.

Lightbox Design for Multi-Tenant Signs

Lightbox sign

Driving around, you’ve probably noticed Muti-Tenant signs. For example, take the pylon sign Dave’s Signs retrofitted for Mountain Gate Plaza. Mounted to a two-legged pylon, this sign contains a lightbox design with removable panels. Also, the design ensures every business listed gets maximum visibility.

Lighted Restaurant Sign

Lighted cabinets display the name and logo details of dining establishments. These nuances make for some memorable decor, as well. An outside LED lightbox sign like the one we created for Midici’s is a good example of this. Meanwhile, the beautiful sign guides customers in. It also gives them an incentive to stick around and have some delicious wood-fired pizza.

Special Construct Lightbox Sign 

Exterior lighted cabinets mounted on poles display vibrant features. They make your business almost impossible to miss. Dave’s Signs can expertly install them on tall poles or other special constructions.

Illuminated Sign Cabinet for Veterinary Care 

Illuminated sign boxes are often used for displaying the name, logo, and contact information. That aspect is helpful for various veterinary and healthcare businesses. The one we did for the Port Hueneme Animal Hospital promotes the brand from the moment you walk up to it and go in.

Lightbox Cabinet for Grocery Stores & Shopping Malls

Lightbox Sign for Red Barn Market
LED lightboxes establish a prominent visual identity at grocery stores, plazas and malls. They help your store stand out among other distractions. The overall effect of Red Barn Market’s red theme creates an ideal identification point. The familiar brand displayed welcomes you into its doors.

Lighted Box Signs for the Office

We’ve looked at exterior lightbox signs up until this point. However, they are also an ideal solution for the interior branding of an office. In fact, interior lighted box signs can provide a brilliant, lasting glow to any office.  Display your company logo at the entrance of the office or in the reception area. That way, the sign reinforces your brand identity where the customer experience starts.

Let Dave’s Signs Position Your Business

Dave’s Signs makes eye-catching, custom signs. Offering beautiful, on-message, lighted business signs locally here in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties; and Nationwide, we can help provide your company with excellent business positioning.

We also offer top-tier lightbox signs with a large variety of styles and illumination options. Not to mention that we can create and install the sign of your choice for all occasions. Simply call us today for an estimate at  ‭(805) 641-1387 or request a quote online.


Outdoor Signage Design Ideas to Boost Your Business

The best signs attract and retain loyal customers to your business. However, there is a virtual sea of signage out there. That fact makes it challenging to stand out. Therefore, your shop sign needs design ideas that are geared toward making a lasting and positive impact. The following outdoor signage design ideas will help inspire you and boost your business.

What Makes a Brilliant Outdoor Sign Design?

It takes all of 7 seconds to make that precious first impression. Outdoor signage is no exception to the rule. For this reason, the importance of making yours compelling with a brilliant design can’t be overstated.

Meanwhile, the right combination of design elements is a winning card for businesses. When these elements come together, they grant a distinctive visual appeal to your company’s exterior.

Consider using the following tasteful elements to encourage customers to trust you immediately:

Prominent 3D Signs

outdoor signage design idea topper's pizza

A three-dimensional sign design really pops and makes the premise of your shop more inviting.  Effective ones are made size-appropriate to the exterior.

They should also be affixed prominently on the facade in a way that doesn’t compete with nearby signage. The Channel Lettering of Toppers Pizza shown above is prominent, increasing the overall visibility of the restaurant.

Eyecatching Directional Signs

Eyecatching directional signs can turn your business into an organized haven. They keep people on track, assisting visitors in easily finding their way. What’s more? The more at ease visitors feel navigating your property, the more likely it is they’ll stick around and return again.

Appropriate Lighting Styles

Special types of lighting illuminate features and borders. Additionally, different styles really give an array of different effects. For example, the halo effect in Bella Luci’s outdoor business sign really hits it out of the park. Feminine design elements like Bella’s cursive letters work wonders, too.

Sings that are on Point

Hands down, your sign design needs to be on point. Knowledge of color theory works well here, too. When deftly used, it conveys the right message. For example, a black or bold design would suit an attorney’s brand. On the other hand, pastels like those above might suit those of a child-theme outlet.

Memorable Storefront Decor

Outdoor Signage Design - Blackbird

Signs on your facade depict your identity strongly. They are just what you need for busy people on the go. Tricks such as tasteful jokes or deviations in spelling are useful. They make your establishment more approachable and memorable.

Wooden Decor

Wood is a  charming option for signage. It’s also durable. The Black Bear Diner’s design elements combine, adding the distinctive, natural flair of wood.

Get Stellar Outdoor Signage Design with Dave’s Signs

Dave’s Signs has been in business both local and nationwide for 20+ years. We have a reputation for creating signs with exemplary design elements. Our team has the expertise and wherewithal to deliver stellar outdoor signage that helps boost your business.

If you’d like to know more about our custom outside signage, please contact us at ‭(805) 641-1387. Alternatively, you can request a quote online.

How to Elevate Your Business with Dimensional Letter Signs

First impressions matter when it comes to your business. So, if you want to give a brilliant first impression, Dimensional Letter Signs will do the trick. This post discusses what they are and the ways in which they can elevate your business.

What is a Dimensional Letter Sign?

Dimensional Letter Signs are an extremely popular choice of signage. One of the things that make them so appealing is that you perceive them as solid instead of flat. Their innovative design makes the letters seem to float in the air. This illusion gives them their distinctive 3D effect.

The letters in Dimensional Signs are fabricated from materials such as acrylic, metal or plastic, which are mounted individually to the wall or a frame. These 3-D signs work well for both the exterior or interior of a building and they can come in lighted or unlighted options.

Dimensional Sign Letters Help You Stand Out

Pure Example Custom Dimensional Letter Signs
Flat signs do the job in some circumstances. However, in downtown areas and shopping plazas, drivers and pedestrians are constantly inundated with run-of-the-mill signs.

The key to beating out the competition is to grab the attention of your patrons immediately. Rest assured that the polished appearance of these special signs distinguishes your business from the rest.

Dimensional Letter Signs Advertise and Promote

Often, customers only visually engage with signs for a few moments. That gives them time enough to decide if they want to come in or pass your business by.

Also, an attention-getting message is critical. Meanwhile, the ones conveyed by Dimensional Lettering are one of the best (and not to mention the easiest) ways to advertise and promote your business.

Choose Metal for an Extremely Durable Option

Dimensional Letter Signs made of metal are extremely durable and long-lasting.  In short, they will stand up to all types of weather conditions.

Make Your Business Pop with Dimensional Letter Signs

Dave’s Signs creates Dimensional Letter Signs that have a professional, high-end aesthetic. To find out more about them and the other sign styles we offer, you can call us at (805) 641-1387. Alternatively, you can contact us online for a quote.


Dave’s Signs Blog

This is a blog about signs. We highlight the different types of signs: signs we’ve created for our customers, history of sign design and today’s cutting edge sign technologies. Ask a question about signs, and you’ll likely find the answer here.

Case Studies

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Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

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