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What are the Different Types of Lighted Signs? Here are our Top 5:

Signs come in different sizes, shapes, and compositions, but very few have the impact of a well-designed lighted sign. Gorgeously luminous light box signs immediately grab attention, especially during the evening time. That’s why they have been one of the most popular types of electric signs for decades.

Dave’s Signs is one of the leading lighted sign companies in the nation. We offer a wide range of custom-designed lighted sign options. You can choose something that fits your business requirements perfectly.

lighted sign

Types of Lighted Commercial Signs

There are several options available in the market today. These are the most popular: lightbox or cabinet signs, front-lit channel letter signs, reverse-lit channel letter signs, often called halo-lit, neon signs, and externally-lit signs.

We encourage clients to discuss them with our expert designers to develop a unique look that is right for their business.

Here’s a Brief Look at Our Top 5:


Illuminated Lightbox Signs

1.) Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs

If you are out and about, chances are you’ve seen many light boxes. A backlit signage box or a cabinet sign box has a simple design structure with inside illumination. Every sign has an internal light source, usually a fluorescent lamp or LED lights, in the case of led light box signs that shine through a transparent panel.

This panel on your light-up sign box can display your company’s branding, logo, name, or other such information like no other. Surprisingly affordable, a light box sign stands out well during the day and night when the light comes on. Dave’s Signs works closely with our clients to provide custom outdoor backlit signs that fit their exact purpose.

Lighted Signs

2.) Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front-lit channel signs have a bold, prominent effect, which is why it is one of the most popular electric signs for business today. All the letters are illuminated from the front, which ensures their different colors really shine through. Face lit signage such as the one we used for Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe can be used in both indoor and outdoor displays.

Lighted Signs

3.) Backlit / Reverse-Lit / Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Backlit storefront signs, also known as reverse-lit and halo-lit channel letter signs are all different names for the same type of storefront sign. Custom backlit signs can be designed to have an ethereal appearance, which is perfect for brands aiming for a more sophisticated look. 

Every single letter or element has an illuminated background and is readable from a distance. Businesses choose halo-lit signs because they have a more distinguished look and can be lit with a lot more control and colors than a simple lightbox sign. The channeled metal lettering is easily visible in daylight and at night with LED or neon lights illuminating each element from behind for that attractive modern look. 

Another good use of backlighting Custom Backlit Decals

Dave’s Signs will work hard to ensure any custom backlit signage we create for you meets or exceeds your expectations. So, the next time you’re online Googling halo-lit, reverse-lit or a custom backlit sign near me, know that Dave’s Signs has you covered. For instance, check out the craftmanship and detail in the backlit piece we created for Red Brick Pizza above. Those large backlit letters really grab attention!

Lighted Signs

4.) Neon Signs

Neon signs have been around forever — a classic look with a vintage feel of yesterday. Lighted wall signs in multi-colored neon like the one above are particularly striking. Used for both interior and exterior, they provide a bright, warm glow that few other lighting systems can imitate. When you think of the signs you remember over the last 100 years, chances are it’s a neon sign.

These custom neon signs aren’t like a basic, off the shelf light up “open sign” that greets you when you go into a shop, either. Unlike a mass-produced lighted open sign, a custom neon sign by Dave’s Signs really turns up the appeal of your brand and allows customers to see what business is in the building before they even pull into the parking lot.

LED Lighting Words

Dave’s Signs also creates signs that feature custom LED lighting words to your specifications. The neon lighting words like these we created for the SeaVees display in Mill Valley are a similar example of this. 

5.) Externally-Lit Signs

Externally-lit signs are illuminated by an external source like gooseneck or sometimes called barn lights, bulbs mounted at the base of a sign, or even hidden. This illuminates the sign and often lights part of the sign in the shadows of an internally lit sign like this halo-lit channel letter monument sign: Star of CA.

lighted signs

    • Recessed Lighting – This lighting type is hidden somewhere and designed to give off a glow or illuminate the locations of a sign that are usually shadowed.
    • Ground Lighting – This illumination type works well with monument signs.
    • Top Lighting – For example, barn lights give that nostalgic feel to a dimensional letter or hand-painted sign. 


These are our best-selling lighted signs. Other options include digital signs like LEDs and push-through lettering. All signs are customizable, so discuss what kind of designs you want with our experts.

We also make lighted window signs to coax all those window shoppers to come in. Lastly, we can use custom backlit decals for your business. A good example is the Gary Marshall Theatre above, which has backlit posters outside the building.

If you want to know more about lighted signs or want to get high-quality products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your sign lighting company, Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

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