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Different Types of Outdoor Lighted Business Signs. Our Top Picks

Did you know that there are many different types of outdoor lighted signs for your business? There are! Lighted signs can be a great way to improve the visibility of your business, which is important if you want customers to come in. In this post, we discuss the different varieties of exterior illuminated signs and what they are best used for.

Pick# 1: Outdoor LED Signs – Eric Ericsson’s Fish Co.

LED  signs like the one used at the Deck for Eric Ericsson’s Fish CO. are extremely popular and can be used for many different purposes. These types of signs often come in a variety of shapes and sizes and use bright light, which makes them perfect for outdoor signage. They also increase customer curiosity with eye-catching illumination, with everyone wanting to know more about you. Plus, it’s 24/7 advertising for your business.

Pick #2: Illuminated Outside Blade Sign – Midici Wood Fired Pizza

Illuminated blade signs are impressive and elegant. This cabinet-styled Blade Sign we created for the outside of Midici’s is one of our personal favorites. Available in all shapes, sizes and colors, the possibilities with these types of signs are endless! If you need your building name to stand out and capture a certain essence, you can certainly create it with this kind of exterior illuminated sign.

Pick#3: Lighted Outside Directional Sign – Star of CA

Good for the hospitality and property management industry, lighted monument signs work well for businesses that have multiple locations or buildings in an office park. They direct customers where they need to go by simply pointing them in the right direction!

Pick#4: Outdoor Lighted Signs – Toppers Pizza in Neon

Lighted Signs

Dazzling and beautiful, Neon Signs elevate you and set your business apart from the rest.  For instance, the gorgeous neon adorning the outside of this  Toppers Pizza location makes it a standout. Furthermore, neon has a wonderful glow to it and can come in just about any color you want! Due to the way they pop, they help attract attention from everyone passing by your business property 24/7.

Pick#5: Outdoor Lighted Window Sign – Toxic

This Toxic sign we made for the outside of the store is simply electrifying. And if you have a retail store or restaurant these types of signs are perfect for making a statement or advertising sales. For instance, illuminated Signs like these look striking in big front windows and can really announce your logo or brand name.

Pick#6: Illuminated Outside Custom Sign – Fluid State

No off-the-shelf sign is going to make your brand stand out better than custom-made signage. Likewise, this outside sign wrap sign we created for Fluid State is a fine example of illumination and customization. These signs combine the utmost in uniqueness and flexibility. Moreover,  you can have one of our illustrators create an image for the sign, or even get your own design printed on a light panel to be displayed.

Pick#7: Outdoor Lighted Signs – Regency Theatres

Outdoor Lighted Signs

Movie theatres are back in business! And this movie theatre sign we created for the front of Regency Theatres is another of our top picks. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will grab people when they pass by and draw them into your theatre, then look no further than illuminated movie theatre signs. In addition, these signs are eye-catching, and you can almost smell the popcorn inside!

Pick#8: Halo-Lit Storefront Sign – Pandora

Illuminated channel letters are great for almost every occasion. Companies use them outside of their store, on exterior monument signs, on tall pole signs, and more. The best thing about these signs is that they are always changing. We can do Channel Letter Signs in several styles, such as Standard Front-Lit (the most common), Halo-Lit, Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters, and Open Face Lit Channel Letter. Our top pick here is a glowing Halo-Lit Channel Letter sign we did for the jewelry retailer, Pandora.

Pick#9: Barn Lighting – ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Outdoor Lighted Signs
ACH Dimensional Letter sign with overhead barn lighting.

These types of illuminated signs are used as outdoor signage, and they are available on different shaped panels. Also, they have the same flexibility as lighted channel letters, but their appearance leans more towards elegance than stand-out appeal. Lastly, barn lighting can also light up Dimensional Letter signage that doesn’t have internal illumination, giving it an eye-catching effect.

Elevate Your Business with Outdoor Lighted Signs

Here at Dave’s Signs, we have the equipment and expertise to illuminate any type of commercial sign. Whether you need a business logo illuminated on your wall or ceiling, on your storefront, or on a menu board, we can do it all. If you’d like to find out more about lighting up your business,  call us at (805) 641-1387. We’re happy to help. In addition, you can contact us for a free quote online.

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