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Most Popular Types of Illuminated Business Signs

No matter what industry you find yourself in, you can tell the story of your brand with a highly visible, illuminated business sign. This added visibility also amps up the interest, which in turn, drives an increase in sales and profits.  What follows is a list of the most popular types of illuminated business signs that give you an edge over the competition and sets you apart from others that use standard signs.

1. Exposed Neon Signs

Illuminated Neon Light Sign Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen in Ventura, CA

Neon signs are an important piece of California history, and many businesses still use them. This colorful, high-impact type of signage rules at bars, boutiques and restaurants that want an iconic look. The neon light source is exposed versus being encased behind tinted acrylic panels.

2. LED Illuminated Signage Panels

illuminated business sign for Garry Marshall Theatre

Illuminated signage panels are a very effective way of gaining attention. For example,  in congested commercial environments, potential customers will notice LED illuminated signage panels before they do a traditional poster frame. LED technology is growing in popularity, as it is extremely energy-efficient and puts off very little heat.


Conserv Fuel Digital Sign Santa Barbara, CA

3. Digital Signs

Whether they adorn the interior or exterior of a building, digital signs are highly dynamic and visible. Retailers, churches, office buildings, and live entertainment venues often display them.  These types of signs work extremely well in areas where a sign is near the road or close to a sidewalk where people passing by have a close viewing range.

4. Monochrome LED Signs

Single color (monochrome) LED signage is an excellent alternative for zoning ordinances that allow text-only LED or single color signage. The monochrome effect works extremely well for getting your message across, as long as you don’t pack the sign with too much text.  As mentioned previously, LED illumination is very efficient relative to every other lighting type.

5. Lightbox Signs

LED lightbox illuminated business sign

Also known as backlit signs, a lightbox gets its illumination by shining light through a translucent panel. The translucent panel can be customized with the name of your company, logo, address, phone number, etc. Lightbox signs are versatile, and their shapes can be molded to match your brand.

6. Pole Signs

Pole signs have double or single sides and use 1-2 poles for support. They are often taller than the buildings surrounding them, and they are visible from hundreds of feet away. Typically, they have an illuminated lightbox toward the top, but in this case of the Ganas Auto sign, the sign is a halo-lit channel letter sign using LED with an exposed neon outline. Dave’s Signs can customize pole signs to add multiple tenant panels or restore your existing sign.

7. Monument Signs

Monument signs welcome you and let you know you are in the right place. They are often made from materials such as brick or stone. They project a simple elegance, and, like the pole sign, we can customize them to include an LED panel, halo-lit channel letters, and in the case of the Star of CA sign, we added ground-mounted LED sign lights to enhance its overall pleasing aesthetic.

8. Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated letter signs are channel letter signs with internal lighting that gives signage a 3D effect. The iridescent glow of halo-lit channel lettering comes alive at night and draw new and existing customers to your business.

Dave’s Signs Makes Beautiful Illuminated Business Signs

Regardless of the type of illuminated business sign you need, be it simple, high-end or custom, our knowledgeable sign specialists can create one that makes your business stand out 24/7.  To find out more, you can call us at (805) 641-1387 or contact us online for a quote.


Sign Restoration and Repair – A Part of Preserving History

Since 1990, Dave’s Signs has restored and repaired vintage signs of many eras. Our expertise allows us to bring these beloved signs back to their former glory or in a manner that provides electrical efficiency. We particularly love to see this type of work come into our shop, as it reminds us of the important work we do to keep history alive.
There are a lot of these vintage signs in Los Angeles that we’ve worked on, and we would love people to know about what we do. What follows are four creations that we are particularly proud of.

1. The Mayfair Theater Movie Marquee

Mayfair Theatre sign in lot
Mayfair Theatre neon sign before Dave’s Signs started the restoration.
We were contracted by the non-profit Sea Bees Museum to restore the beautiful and iconic neon sign that originally adorned the classic Mayfair Theatre.  The project was fairly complex, and it was critical that the restoration maintained the integrity of the original design. We finished the restoration work without changing the elements of the design. As you can see below, the final result on display in the Sea Bees Museum is quite stunning.
Mayfair Theatre sign restoration
Restored neon Mayfair Theater sign at the Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme.

2. The Castillo Inn Blade Sign

Castillo Inn Blade Sign Restoration Santa Barbara, CA
Castillo Inn Blade Sign Restoration in Santa Barbara, CA.
The palms sway at The Castillo Inn, and the establishment is the epitome of a relaxing California beach getaway. We repainted and added a neon message to the blade sign on the property with this in mind.  The sign reads The Castillo Inn at the Beach sign with a neon “Vacancy/No Vacancy” message underneath it. Looking at it, you can almost feel the fun to be had at the sand & surf locale.

3. Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant Neon Sign

Restored Pepe's Mexican Food Neon Sign

California is renowned for its great Mexican cuisine, and you can find scores of restaurants that serve it throughout the state.  Dave’s Signs works on many sign projects that involve neon sign restoration for these Mexican restaurants. Take the “Pepe’s Mexican Food To Go” sign made with a custom neon approach we did above. Pepe’s is Goleta’s longest-running Mexican Restaurant, so it has historical significance.  We restored its vintage neon sign when it fell into disrepair a few years back.

4. The Santa Barbara Auto Group LED Sign

Santa Barbara Auto Group Sign Restoration Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Auto Group Sign Restoration in Santa Barbara, CA.

So far we’ve discussed custom neon sign restoration, but we make and retrofit signs to LED, too. Signs made with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a modern alternative to those made with neon.  And, as LED lighting is a more energy-efficient option than traditional neon lighting, many business owners are electing to make the switch. The job we did for the restored the ground monument for the Santa Barbara Auto Group is a beautiful example of retrofitting signage to LED. The eye-catching outside sign lights up at night.

If you would like to know more about custom sign restoration and repair, please contact us or request a quote online. Or you can telephone us at (805) 641-1387 to talk to a helpful member of our team.

Neon Diner Signs Draw in Hungry Customers

The best neon diner signs both attract you and get your stomach juices pumping. And when you think of diners in California, neon is usually a huge part of the visual. In fact, nothing brings a classic 1950s vibe to mind more than a flickering neon sign.

Today, seeing a neon diner sign harkens us back to an era when waitresses on rollerskates brought customers milkshakes and burgers to the barstool where they were sitting. You can find examples of Dave’s Sign’s vintage neon creations adorning neighborhood diner haunts such as the Busy Bee Cafe and Jack’s Diner. Let’s take a look at both of them, shall we?

Busy Bee 50s Cafe

The Busy Bee 50s cafe in Ventura County is known for its classic diner atmosphere and mouthwatering comfort food. You feel like you are transported back to the Fifties once you step inside, too. Before all that happens, though, you can almost smell burgers cooking on the grill when you drive or walk by. That’s due in part to the illuminated storefront signs that draw in customers hungry for food & nostalgia.

illuminated sign busy bee cafe
Dave’s Signs redoing the Busy Bee Sign in 2011.
neon signs
How the Busy Bee Cafe & Diner Sign looked after installation.
Closeup of "Busy Bee"
Details on the “Busy Bee” logo look fantastic, even in daylight.

Jack’s Diner

The neon signs of Jack’s Diner, whether unlit or lit, look amazing.

Unlit Jacks Diner Neon Sign

Below, you can see that the tri-color lights of the sign we made for Jack’s Diner sign really come together to make something special.  The effect also makes it look like something tough & intelligent Dick Tracy would encounter whenever he would stop to grab a coffee in between busting crime.

Jack's Neon Diner Sign

Repairing Neon Signs

You may think that your classical neon sign is gone forever if it’s in disrepair.  Luckily, we believe in keeping this tradition alive, and we will happily repair your neon signs. Dave’s Signs crafts some mighty fine tubes by hand by using high-quality industrial materials.

Making a Neon Sign Forming Glass

Eye-catching neon diner signs are guaranteed to brighten your business and get customers excited about you.  Dave’s Signs serves commercial business nationwide and in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles County areas. No sign job is too big or small, and we do it all. Call us at (805) 641-1387 to discuss your neon sign concept or contact us online with your questions.

Commercial Pole Signs Attract Customers from Miles Away

Calfornia is known for its larger-than-life signs. After all, we are home to the gigantic and famous Hollywood sign that overlooks Tinsel Town. However, there is hardly anything as visible from a distance or stops you in your tracks more than a massive pole sign does.

Pole signage draws people’s eyes and lets them know your business is up and running. If you own a company and want a sign that both attracts customers and makes your business stand out, then a pole sign is the solution for you.

Customers see these special types of landmark signs and instantly recognize your brand or get curious about the new kid in town who has such grand signage. In either case, your signage is instantly recognized from miles away, which translates to more foot traffic for your business.

What Is a Pole Sign?

Pole signs, sometimes called a “pylon sign,” are a type of business sign with the main cabinet structure atop a tall pole.  Materials vary, but they are usually metal. Pole signs stand anywhere from 20 to 80 feet high.

Think gas station or fast food signs mounted on the top of very high poles that are visible from the interstate when you pass them in your car, and you know exactly what we’re talking about when we say pole sign.

Pole Signs

The Genius Behind Appealing and Beautiful Pole Signs

Keep in mind that a pole sign needs a professional and dynamic design or the result is going to give the phrase “sticking out like a sore thumb” a completely new meaning. What follows are a few well-designed and appealing pole sign examples.

This wooden commercial sign’s oasis approach was custom-made-to-order for the Kimpton Goodland Hotel. The pole sign’s 3-D effect and painted lettering combine perfectly with the rustic wood background for an aesthetically-pleasing and professional appearance. Also, the signage blends in very well with the palm trees and other parts of the landscape.

Pole Signs

The Iconic Ventura Pole Sign

Pole Signs

Dave’s Signs is proud to be one of the premiere in-house neon sign production houses in the United States. This historic illuminated pole sign in Ventura is one of our crowning achievements, and it draws the eye and highlights the best that California has to offer.

The sign is visible from passersby on the freeway, and it beckons them to stay, eat, surf, and shop. The sign is reminiscent of a beach town pole sign from the 1950s, and its exposed neon gives it a bright, luminous effect at night that really pops.

The placement and size of a pole sign are essential to its success, and you can trust Dave’s Signs to make the right choice for yours. Making beautiful signs for Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles Counties and Nationwide is our specialty, and you can call us at (805) 641-1387 or request a quote online if you’d like to find out more.

Commercial Neon Sign Repair & Restoration Near Me in Southern California and the Central Coast

Has your commercial neon sign seen better days? Are you Googling “neon sign repair near me” or “neon sign restoration?” If so, look no further than Dave’s Signs. We are a commercial sign company well known for our custom neon sign shop in-house for local businesses in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties. We take the frustration out of all the searches and give our customers what they are looking for.

Sorry, NO BEER SIGNS – We ONLY Service & Restore COMMERCIAL Neon Signs.

Please Note: NEON signs are too fragile to ship, so we ONLY service NEON signs in Southern California and the Central Coast.


Neon Sign Repair Ventura

The Ventura Pole Neon Sign is an iconic landmark you can see from the 101 freeway.

The Nostalgic Appeal of Neon Signs

These business signs are incredibly eye-catching and great ways to advertise your brand and attract customers. Neon signs are also used in indoor areas to create a dramatic effect, and many restaurants, clubs, pubs, and similar businesses have these signs installed on their premises.

The Lido Apartments neon sign prior to restoration was weathered and not lighting up properly.

Neon Lighting Repair Services

However, a broken neon sign can be an eyesore, so getting it repaired should be a top priority. Not only will it improve the look of your business, but it will help attract more customers, just like a new sign.

Types of Neon Signage Repair

We’re your electronic sign repair one-stop shop, helping you with all types of signage repair.

The most common problems with neon signage include:

    • The neon light is flickering or dim
    • There are cracks in the neon tubing
    • The sign has dark spots
    • The colors are fading

Our team has two common concerns when we repair neon signs in outdoor settings: neon tube repairs and electrode replacements. In the case of electrode replacement, our technicians will first ensure that there aren’t any breaks or cracks and that there is no burnout.

Sea Fresh neon restaurant sign in Oxnard, CA. Creative, fun, and inviting.

We Recommend New Electrical Components

We always recommend to our customers that it’s best to use new electrical components rather than any older ones in the replacement. This helps ensure the signs continue to function well for a longer duration.

Neon Tubing has been a popular solution for both creating and accenting signs for over 100 years.

Replacing Neon Light Tubes

If the neon tubes develop cracks, depending on what the exact problem is, the repairs can be time-consuming. In most cases, we would have to manufacture a new glass bulb, which can take some time. Regardless of the type of damage your neon signs have suffered, we are the experts who can provide high-grade services at very cost-effective prices.

Freezing temps can affect the gas inside the tube and cause a sign to flicker. Sometimes all it needs is re-pressurizing.

Cold Temperature Issues

Sometimes your outdoor neon sign will react to cold temperatures. When you see your neon sign begin to flicker as if it is having trouble staying on, sometimes this means that the gas has cooled off and turned into a liquid inside its glass tube. Flickering neon doesn’t necessarily mean a broken sign; it simply may need to be re-pressurized.

Contact Dave’s Signs and get your neon signs repaired by our expert in-house service technicians.

Neon Sign Repair Cost

The cost of neon sign repair will vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of repairs that need to be carried out. Whether you have a small indoor sign or a large outdoor sign on top of a multi-story apartment building like the Lido Apartments neon sign restoration we did in Hollywood, contact us.

On-Site Repairs, Take Downs & Re-Installation

Sometimes we can repair the sign on-site, and sometimes we need to bring it into our shop. Once we repair your sign, we can bring it back to your location for installation.

We will make sure everything is working properly and meets city code requirements. We know how to clean neon signs too. So, if debris is littering your electric sign, we can take care of that for you. 

Local service areas include VenturaSanta Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties. However, we cover all of Southern California and the Central Coast.

We service both indoor and outdoor neon signs.

Southern California Custom Neon Sign Repair

Unfortunately, neon signs break too easily in transit, so we can’t ship them out. However, if you have a large enough job, our team members can come to your location nationwide.

Indian Motorcycles Neon Sign Repair & Restoration

The Classic Thing About Neon Signs

Shanghai Beer Garden in Ventura, CA.

Neon signs are a sentimental way to grab attention and get your brand message across. Whether you have a vintage neon sign or a modern one, they are worth repairing and restoring.

Finneys - Projecting blade sign -open face neon lit channel letter

In fact, neon lights are still on-trend. They can be used indoors or outdoors and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The glowing signs will make your business stand out and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Timeless never goes out of style.

Inside Finney’s.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Neon Light Signs

The difference between indoor and outdoor neon signs is quite clear. Outdoor lights are exposed to the elements. They react much faster than their counterparts in a controlled environment like a business office or restaurant where there is protection against harsh weather conditions – especially during winter when temperatures can dip below freezing at night!

Neon Sign Repair & Restoration in Los Angeles

Lido Apartments Sign Restoration

Made famous by the Eagle’s “Hotel California” album. The Lido Apartments neon sign restoration in Hollywood, CA. Read how we brought the sign back to life.

“Welcome to the Hotel California…”

The Hollymont Apartments Sign Restoration

These newly renovated apartments in Los Angeles got a newly renovated sign to go with them courtesy of Dave’s Signs.

The Hollymont vintage neon in Los Angeles, CA.


Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, CA.

Neon Sign Repair & Maintenance in Ventura

We not only specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of neon signs. We have services for maintaining them as well. Our customers can be proud knowing that their signs will always look their best.

Spencer Makenzie’s World Famous Fish Tacos

Designed, built & maintain Spencer Makenzie’s World Famous Fish Tacos neon sign in Ventura, CA.

Classic Mayfair Theatre Marquee Restoration

Mayfair vintage theatre sign
Restoring the Classic Mayfair Theatre Sign in Ventura, CA. We restored or recreated everything from the electrical to neon glass tubing.

Busy Bee Cafe Sign Renovation and Maintenance

Neon restaurant signs are more popular now than ever.

Restoring the Busy Bee Cafe neon signs in Downtown Ventura, CA.

Neon Sign Repair & Restoration in Santa Barbara

Broad Street Oyster Co. in Santa Barbara, CA.
Modern Times Beer & Food in Santa Barbara, CA.


Pepe’s Mexican Food To Go in Goleta, CA.

Indoor Signs

A lot of businesses use indoor neon signage that produces bright colors and really makes a statement as you walk in like these.

Design Masonry in Canyon Country, CA.
Picture your sign getting repaired and what it will look like when you get it back.
Children’s Dental before installation in Oxnard, CA.

Are You Located in Southern California? Contact Dave’s Signs for Your Neon Signage Repair

There you have it–your go-to source for neon signage repair that will stop you from Googling “neon repair shops near me” or “sign repair shops near me.”

Dave’s Signs has a proven process for repairing damaged or deteriorated neon signs. We can even restore their appearance to its original condition.

If you notice that the lights from your neon sign seem dimmer than usual or if they start flickering for no reason, pick up the phone and call us at‭ (805) 641-1387‬ or contact us online. Our electric sign repair experts will be happy to take a look at your sign and let you know what we would recommend that you do.

With over 20 years of experience in the Neon Sign Repair business, we have seen it all and are confident that we can help get your sign back up and running in no time. Be sure to check out the other commercial sign repair services we offer, such as LED Sign repair and Monument Sign repair in our gallery

Dave’s Signs Blog

This is a blog about signs. We highlight the different types of signs: signs we’ve created for our customers, history of sign design and today’s cutting edge sign technologies. Ask a question about signs, and you’ll likely find the answer here.

Case Studies

Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

Custom Signs Near You

Saloon BBQ Custom Sign

We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and serviced signs all over southern California. Here are some highlighted areas near you including Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Check back soon for more updates.

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Neon Sign Design Computer

We Make Beautiful Neon Signs in Our On-Site Facility

Dave’s Signs has perfected the art of neon signs. We can handle all sizes of neon signage, from the small intricate signs to the eye-catching, large neon signs. Ask us for a personalized quote or contact us for any questions you may have about neon signage.

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Dave’s Signs Makes Custom Office Signs

Whether you need a lobby sign, directional signage or ADA signs, Dave’s Signs can help you with all your office sign needs. We can use your logo and create a beautiful, distinctive sign for your office. We can also create custom building directory signs, suite signs, and directional signs to give the building a unique unified theme. Call us today to help you with all your office sign needs.

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