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The Pierpont Inn Wall & Monument Signs

The Pierpont Inn is one of Ventura’s many historical buildings. It was built in 1910, and has in the past year undergone major renovations. One of these was to brighten its signs, changing them from darker brown with white lettering to white signs with green lettering. The font stayed the same, distinctly that of the hotel which has been standing for over a century.

The Pierpont Inn Monument Sign Ventura, CA

We produced and installed one monument sign and two wall signs for the property, and the wall signs were particularly challenging to install. The process required our bucket truck and crane, as well as a good amount of experienced ingenuity. These particular signs were to be mounted onthe second story, just below the rafters. The rafters extended far beyond the walls of the building, creating a canopy that made lifting a crane and the signtoward the wall very difficult.

The Pierpont Inn Wall Sign Ventura, CA

Also, transporting all of this large machinery was somewhat humorous. To bring the bucket truck and crane to one of the sites, we had to travel down an old, heavily-overgrown, and very small maintenance path. A few months before, this particular road was invisible, unused, and entirely covered n brush.

The Pierpont Inn Wall Sign in Ventura, CA

Ultimately, we were able to make it to the installation site fairly easily. After a few hours maneuvering, our highly experienced technicians were able to install the signs, and they are now visible from the101 Freeway inviting anyone driving by to decide to “Shop, Surf, Stay and Eat” in Ventura and, more specifically, at the Pierpont Inn. 

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