Why You Should Consider Channel Letter Signs

channel lettering signs

There are several different outdoor signs that you can choose from for your business and some of these should include channel letter signs. It’s important to make sure that you opt for good quality signs of different shapes and sizes to create the right impression on clients and customers. We at Dave’s Signs are a leading company in this field and provide top notch signage services to clients from different industries.

Channel letter signs are extremely popular, and many clients prefer to get these striking features installed on their properties. They are some of the best ways to showcase your business in a sophisticated and powerful way.

How Channel Latters Are Made

They are a common sight in restaurants, shopping malls, bars, pubs, retail stores, specialty stores, etc. They are also widely used as storefront identification features and are made using a special process. Channel letters are essentially individually cut letters and graphics that are illuminated to make them easily visible at night as well. Since each letter is formed separately and has its individual light source, the sign gets a 3D effect that is attractive and impressive all at once.

Channel Letter Sign Illuminated Sign - Yolandas Mexican Cafe
Dave’s Signs designs, builds, installs restaurant signs.

Why You Should Consider Getting Channel Letters Installed

  • There are several reasons why you should use channel letters. Here are some of them:
  • They immediately attract attention.
  • These features can be customized to suit your requirements.
  • The fabrication is exquisite, and care is taken to ensure that they are a reflection of your brand.
  • Lights of different colors can be installed in them to create impressive and unique lettering.
  • They stand out beautifully after dark.
  • Can be installed in any outdoor space.
  • As mentioned, channel letters are extremely versatile and can be used as signage for different types of establishments.
channel letter signs

If you want to know more about channel letter signs, and want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

Types of Business Park Signs

Business parks house several office buildings and businesses and cover large areas. Sometimes, the business park may have more than one entry point too. It’s important for these properties to have the right kinds of business park signs. Not only are these signs a reflection of the professionalism of the place but also help increase the value of the property.

business park signs

The design, structure, materials, and lighting effects used in business park signs will determine what the overall look of the feature will be. When we at Dave’s Signs handle this job, we provide customized solutions. This means you are assured of high-grade business park signs that portray a very professional image and look impressive as well.

Types of Business Park Signs

The different types of signs that you can choose from include:

  • Monument Signs – These are an excellent way to welcome potential clients & customers into your property. They are highly visible, look impressive, and can be designed exactly as you want them to be.
  • Post and Panel Signage – Depending on the location and setting of your business park, you can also opt for post and panel signs. These are the perfect solution for larger properties that are a little set back from main roads or highways.
Business Directory Signs - Westlake Village
  • Directory Monument Signs – These signs are a great choice for business parks where scalable solutions are required. If the property has businesses that are regularly updated, these are the best solution.
  • Freestanding Signage – These prominent features are the perfect way to attract attention from different angles and areas.
business park signs

As you can see, there are several different types of business signs that you can choose from. Many of our clients use a combination of signs in different areas, depending on the purpose and setting. If you want to know more about these solutions and want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

Window Graphic Signs

Most stores and offices have large front windows. These windows provide a great opportunity from a marketing and branding perspective. You can place promotional material like brand name stickers, slogans, and related graphics on the surface. At Dave’s Signs, we provide custom window graphics signs that can easily attract attention. Here are some reasons why you should invest in them:

custom window graphics signs
Photos of Daves Signs

1. Affordable And Easy To Use

Window graphics are quite affordable compared to other signage options. You can have the impact of a large full color sign at a signicantly lower cost and it’s easy to replace. For example, you can create seasonal graphics or a promotion on your window and remove them at the end without damaging the surface.

2. Customizable And Attractive

Window graphic signs are fully customizable. We can create one based on your designs or we can create the design for you. You can choose different colors, styles, sizes, and ensure the sign matches your brand. This helps to improve visibility and recognition especially if your store is on a busy street or high-traffic location.

custom window graphics signs

3. They Add Value to Your Customers

By having a beautiful sign directly in your window, you can showcase a promo or display directions on where you want your visitors to enter your establishment.

Sometimes a simple window graphic can change the whole look of your retail or commercial office. This can help increase your brand recognition, and give your establishment some added foot traffic.

custom window graphics signs

4. They Cover The Entire Window

These graphics can cover the entire window, which has a great impact on prospective customers. If you choose the right graphic, you can create an aura of intrigue on your storefront. That will compel prospective buyers and passersby to walk into your store.

If you want to know more about window graphic signs or want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

Monument Signs for Churches

Monument signs are free-standing outdoor signs. They are typically installed by the roadside at the entrance point of a property and are clearly visible to passing drivers. At Dave’s Signs, we craft beautiful and vivid monument signs for all kinds of establishments, including Churches.

Types Of Monument Signs For Churches

monument signs for churches
  • Post and Panel Signage – This sign consists of two posts holding up a panel with the Church’s information on it. It is vividly colored and suitable for outdoor conditions. The sign is made from resilient materials like wood and is customizable, which means it can be as simple or as elaborate as needed.
  • Free-Standing Architectural Signage – These signs are made from durable materials like stucco, stone, brick and wood, which makes them ideal for outdoor locations. They are designed for long-term use and are big enough to attract immediate attention.
  • Pylon Signs – Pylon signs are somewhat taller, which makes them a good choice if you want the sign to be visible from a distance. If your Church is located in a crowded area and isn’t easily visible, this sign is a good option.
monument signs for churches
  • Marquee Sign – Marquee signs are versatile and many Churches have installed them. They’re a good option if you want to change the content on the sign regularly. For example, if you want to display a new quote or verse from the Bible on the sign every week, a marquess sign can help. They even come in digital versions.

All signs are customizable and can be designed to fit your Church. These signs are resilient, attractive, and eye-catching. They are made from durable materials and are ideal for long-term use.

monument signs for churches

If you want to know more about monument signs for Church or want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

Ideas for Designing Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are a great way to establish a brand presence and draw in customers. They are highly visible, which means they can even attract the attention of drivers passing by your store. At Dave’s Signs, we provide a wide range of custom designs. You can provide the design or let our experts create one from scratch. Here are some ideas for designing storefront signs:

store front signs
Dave’s Signs designed, built and installed this storefront sign for Boot Barn in Oxnard, CA.

Choose The Right Type of Sign

There are several types of signs available in the market today. You need to choose something that suits your requirements and fits your branding. Some of the most commonly used storefront signs include:

  • Window signs
  • Window graphics
  • Illuminated signs
  • Blade signs
  • Channel letters

You can consult with our experts to understand which type of sign is ideal for you. They will explain the advantages and disadvantages of every type of sign so you can make the right decision.

storefront signs

Branding and Appearance

Your storefront sign is an important part of your company’s branding. You need to make sure the design is relevant to your business’ message and ideology. Make sure the sign has your brand colors and font style. If your brand image involves monochromatic colors, choose a sign that represents that well. An elegant monochromatic metal lettering design is perfect for such a brand. Our team of expert designers can create a custom sign based on your brand’s requirements.

storefront signs

Choose the Right Size

It is important to consider the size of your sign before placing an order. If your storefront is small, a large sign will overwhelm the space and distract visitors. You also need to look at the zoning laws and the cost of the sign before making a decision.

If you want to know more about storefront signs or want to get high-quality signs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.