4 Popular Uses for A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame Signs have been a popular way to advertise for centuries. They’re simple, practical, and easy to move around. They’re also more affordable compared to other signs available in the market today. At Dave’s Signs, we consider them some of our most versatile products. Here’s a look at some of their most popular applications:

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Advertisement Signs 

These signs are a great way to make motorists aware of your business and promote it. Roadside advertisement signs help businesses make their brand name and logo more visible as well, which is always beneficial. You can advertise certain events, sales, special offers, discounts, etc. These signs are also appealing because of their simple aesthetic.

Directional Signs

They can be used to direct people to different locations. For example, you can use A-Frame Signs to show people where they can sign up for an event, where the restrooms are, and where the seating arrangement is available. These signs can also be used outdoors to show the way to parking spaces, entrances, accident zones, detours, etc.

Children’s Safety Signs 

This is another popular use of A-Frame Signs. It is an option employed by schools and other such organizations to create a safe zone for children. You can place these signs around children’s play areas to warn nearby motorists to be careful. This will help ensure the kids are safe and there are no accidents in the area.

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Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafés often use these A-Frame Signs to promote specials or happy hours. They place these signs just outside their door so everyone who passes by the restaurant can see it.

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