Why You Should Go For Custom Monument Signs

When it comes to advertising a business, signs have a very important role to play. Custom monument signs can be very eye-catching and unique when designed by experts like the ones at Dave’s Signs. These signs are ideal for event venues, neighborhoods, communities as well as businesses.

A monument sign is essentially a large freestanding sign that is specifically designed for the exterior of a property and should be viewed from ground level like this Acura sign below.


 Custom Monument Signs


Custom Designed Monument Signs

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for custom monument signs such as:

  • When we custom design monument signs, you can rest assured that they will be a true reflection of the culture and branding of your company or business.
  • These signs can be built in materials of your choice such as concrete, metal, natural stone, brick or combination materials.
  • Monument signs can be designed to be classic, contemporary, rustic or modernistic in design. Customization gives you the flexibility to ensure that your monument sign complements the look of your property and business.
  • We will include graphics, lettering, emblems and your logo that would help customers and clients identify your business like the one below.


  • The size and shape of the sign can be tailored to your needs and will be proportionate to the setting it is to be installed in.
  • We can also incorporate the kind of lighting you want. This will add to the attractiveness of the sign and make it visible from a roadway or sidewalk.


 Custom Monument Signs

At Dave’s Signs, we go the extra mile to make sure that our clients get the customized monument signs like the one above that improve the visibility of their business. We also ensure that the signs are built using resilient and weather-resistant materials, that they are low maintenance and long lasting too.

For more information on custom monument signs feel free to call Dave’s Signs at (805) 641-1387, or reach out to us online and we will get back to you shortly.