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Does Cold Weather Affect Neon Signs?

Neon signs are iconic, and you can find them scattered all around California and the rest of the country. In fact, the state is home to the oldest constantly running neon light in the world,  a neon light that was found at Clifton’s Cafeteria in Los Angeles.

They’re a popular choice for bars and restaurants because they look classy and give off a fun vibe that fits with food, drinks, and entertainment. But how do neon signs hold up in cold weather? This is a question that many business owners ask themselves when looking for ways to increase their business.

If you are wondering the same thing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will discuss everything from how neon signs react to different temperatures to what materials are used in making them. So read on and find out more about what you need to know about neon signs and cold weather.

Neon Signs & Cold Weather

To understand how a neon sign will react in cold temperatures, you first have to understand what’s happening inside the tube of the sign when it gets too chilly outside. In short, two things that can happen: Either the gas inside of the glass tube can cool off and turn into a liquid, or it can crystallize on the inner walls. When you see your neon sign begin to flicker as if it is having trouble working properly, then this means that that gas has turned into a liquid inside its glass tube. Flickering neon doesn’t necessarily mean a broken sign; it simply means the sign needs to be re-pressurized most of the time.

Different Types of Neon Signs


Below are the types of neon signs you are most likely to see in the United States:

    • Pure neon: These are glass signs that use only neon gas as the source of their light. They emit red photons, which results in very vivid and bright red neon lights. Pure neon signs are less susceptible to cold weather.
    • Neon/argon blend: This type of sign is similar to pure neon signs, but they contain a small amount of argon with the neon to create different colors. Argon reacts strongly to cold weather, and the ratio of it to neon will determine how the brightness and performance of a neon sign are affected in the winter. They also dim and flicker more than other neon signs in cold weather.
    • Neon/helium blend: These signs have helium added to lower their operating temperature range. They emit a very bright blue color which is visible from great distances at night, especially if they are backlit. Also, both helium and argon blended neon signs in blue, green, yellow and white colors are more prone to discoloration in cold weather temperatures.


Do Southern California Winters Get Cold Enough to Affect a Neon Sign?

As mentioned, argon gas is especially susceptible to cold weather. Its atoms can become affected at temperatures 45˚F and under. This causes the gas molecules to move more slowly and may cause your neon sign to appear slightly dimmer. As such, if you live in Southern California, you may wonder if it gets cold enough here to affect a custom neon sign.

Winter weather temperatures in Southern California get down to around 60˚F in the day and with cooler lows ranging around 40-50˚F at night. This means it’s not uncommon for some neon signage to experience a slight dimming at night. Especially those filled with argon.

What Can You Do for Your Neon Signs?

Placing your neon signage on the inside of the store’s windows vs. outside will typically cut down on the negative effects cold weather can have on your glass neon sign. It will keep the tube a bit warmer and also protect it from being hit by debris. Additionally, you can place your sign in front of an air vent to help increase airflow around the tubes; this will prevent moisture buildup inside them when they are not on.

LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Sign

If you are looking for neon signage that will perform better than traditional ones in cold weather, consider opting for an LED version instead. LED illuminated signs emit the same halo glow you see with glass neon, but they run on electricity instead of gas. Also, having LED signs instead of neon ones means that there is no need for warming up and the light will not experience any dimming in cold weather conditions.

Contact Dave’s Signs for Your Custom Sign Needs

If you notice that the lights from your neon sign seem dimmer than usual or if they start flickering for no reason, you should turn the sign-off and give us a call as soon as possible. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your neon sign and let you know what we would recommend that you do.

Neon signage attracts attention like no other type of signage, and Dave’s Signs is a leader in the industry for creating this popular type of handmade signage. If you need to have your custom neon sign replaced or repaired, our experts are available to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have about maintaining your signage throughout the year. Our goal is to ensure our customers have great signage at all times of the day.

Whether your business is looking for something warm or cool-colored, glass neon or LED neon, we have what you are looking for at great prices. Simply call us at (805) 641-1387 or fill out our online form to get a fast and free estimate.

Lightbox Sign Styles That Help Rev Up Your Advertising Game

A Lightbox Sign is a type of sign that is commonly used for shopping malls, auto dealerships, gas stations, retail locations, and more. All of which use the advantage that extra visibility brings.

These cabinet-style signs, with their LED or neon illumination, provide visibility for your message. What’s more? Because they are highly visible night and day, they help rev up your advertising game 24/7.

Lightbox Signs Promote Your Brand Long-term

Professional lightbox signs are made of highly durable materials. These premium materials allow their use in just about any location. Additionally, these materials will work to promote your brand for the long term.

We’ve listed a few examples of different lighted box signs that help amplify your exposure.

Lightbox Design for Multi-Tenant Signs

Lightbox sign

Driving around, you’ve probably noticed Muti-Tenant signs. For example, take the pylon sign Dave’s Signs retrofitted for Mountain Gate Plaza. Mounted to a two-legged pylon, this sign contains a lightbox design with removable panels. Also, the design ensures every business listed gets maximum visibility.

Lighted Restaurant Sign

Lighted cabinets display the name and logo details of dining establishments. These nuances make for some memorable decor, as well. An outside LED lightbox sign like the one we created for Midici’s is a good example of this. Meanwhile, the beautiful sign guides customers in. It also gives them an incentive to stick around and have some delicious wood-fired pizza.

Special Construct Lightbox Sign 

Exterior lighted cabinets mounted on poles display vibrant features. They make your business almost impossible to miss. Dave’s Signs can expertly install them on tall poles or other special constructions.

Illuminated Sign Cabinet for Veterinary Care 

Illuminated sign boxes are often used for displaying the name, logo, and contact information. That aspect is helpful for various veterinary and healthcare businesses. The one we did for the Port Hueneme Animal Hospital promotes the brand from the moment you walk up to it and go in.

Lightbox Cabinet for Grocery Stores & Shopping Malls

Lightbox Sign for Red Barn Market
LED lightboxes establish a prominent visual identity at grocery stores, plazas and malls. They help your store stand out among other distractions. The overall effect of Red Barn Market’s red theme creates an ideal identification point. The familiar brand displayed welcomes you into its doors.

Lighted Box Signs for the Office

We’ve looked at exterior lightbox signs up until this point. However, they are also an ideal solution for the interior branding of an office. In fact, interior lighted box signs can provide a brilliant, lasting glow to any office.  Display your company logo at the entrance of the office or in the reception area. That way, the sign reinforces your brand identity where the customer experience starts.

Let Dave’s Signs Position Your Business

Dave’s Signs makes eye-catching, custom signs. Offering beautiful, on-message, lighted business signs locally here in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties; and Nationwide, we can help provide your company with excellent business positioning.

We also offer top-tier lightbox signs with a large variety of styles and illumination options. Not to mention that we can create and install the sign of your choice for all occasions. Simply call us today for an estimate at  ‭(805) 641-1387 or request a quote online.


4 Monument Sign Trends for 2021 that Promote Identity

If you want your business to make a huge impact, why not use a monument sign? These popular signs really draw the eye and create landmarks for people passing by. Designing your signage can be challenging and rewarding, but the most important point is to make sure they promote your business identity effectively. Here are 4 monument sign trends for 2021 that are sure to convey yours.

#1:  Adding LED Illumination

monument sign LED lighting

monument sign is a ground sign that typically has a low profile. They come illuminated or non-illuminated. If you really want to catch everyone’s attention, then consider an illuminated approach. Dave’s Signs uses ground lighting for a spotlight effect. However, we can also add internal lighting to the sign.  Beautiful LED lighting is a popular choice because it is so long-lasting and reduces your carbon footprint. If you are going for a modern look with a touch of classic, then LED lighting is your best bet.

#2:  Enhancing Your Existing Architecture

Elements of masonry and wood, or foam that replicates these materials, give ample opportunity to match your monument sign to your building’s architecture. Color and style of the sign can also compliment the landscape theme. A professional sign company uses these elements to streamline the design of your building, creating a  consistent aesthetic and feel. This will give your business an opportunity to build brand recognition by creating a consistent look and feel throughout.

#3: Using Foam Fabrication Replicas

Since the cost of masonry is sometimes a deal-breaker for some companies, using foam in its place can save money. Surprisingly, these replicas mimic the appearance and benefits of the real thing when they are professionally done. Foam monument signs with veneer imitators of stone and brick look just as classy and are plenty durable, too.

#4. Highly Visible Curved Designs

Curved signs are another popular sign trend and ones with professional designs are quite impressive. They can be fabricated from wood, brick, stucco, high-density urethane or from concrete. The curved dimension to these signs additionally makes them visible from many directions.

Dave’s Signs creates Beautiful Signs in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties and Nationwide. Branding Your Business and giving it an identity is the only path to success – we offer a wide array of custom monument signage and graphics solutions that will highlight and promote yours. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us at (805) 641-1387. Or contact us online for a quote.

What are the Different Types of Lighted Signs? Here are our Top 5:

Signs come in different sizes, shapes, and compositions, but very few have the impact of a well-designed lighted signBar none, having big light up signs on a business lends a truly striking effect.

For instance, gorgeous luminous light box signs immediately grab attention, especially in the evening. That’s why they have been among the most popular electric signs for decades.

Who Makes Business Lighted Signs You Can Count On? Dave’s Signs!

Dave’s Signs stands as one of the leading lighted sign companies in the nation, solidifying its reputation as a top-notch illuminated sign manufacturer with over 20+ years of operation. Through our expansive selection of custom-designed lighted sign options, you are guaranteed to find something that aligns seamlessly with your business requirements, reflecting our merit and expertise in the industry.

Are Illuminated Signs and Lighted Signs the Same?

To shed light on this question, it’s essential to understand that terms like “illuminated sign,” “lighted sign,” and “neon sign” often fall under the same category.

These words are frequently used interchangeably for signs with LED sign lights or neon tubes that create a glowing effect. However, it’s important to recognize the nuances and specificities each term might carry within the industry.

Here are some basic distinctions to guide you:

  • Illuminated Sign:

    • Generally refers to any single sided or double sided sign that emits light, either from within or is illuminated externally.
    • Uses various light sources, including LED modules, neon tubes, or traditional bulbs.
    • Ideal for 24/7 visibility and is typically preferred for businesses operating during nighttime.
    • The backlit restaurant sign for Shanghai Beer Garden is a nice example of an illuminated sign.
  • Lighted Sign:

    • Often powered by LED modules, providing energy-efficient, long-lasting, and bright lighting for sign board LED lights.
    • These light bulb signs are durable and require less maintenance due to the robust nature of the LED module.
    • Typically has a broader range of customizable color options compared to other signs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of sign board LED lights.
  • Neon Sign:

    • Specifically uses neon gas-filled tubes that produce a distinct and vibrant glow when electrified.
    • Known for its retro and vintage appeal, making it a favorite for certain businesses and aesthetic preferences.
    • Requires more careful handling and maintenance than signs with an LED module due to the fragile nature of neon tubes.

Understanding these distinctions will ensure that businesses select the right type of signage that aligns with their branding, budget, and visibility needs.

Now, let’s read on to check out our sample signage that follows.

lighted sign

Types of Lighted Commercial Signs

As far as lighted options go, different signages are available in the market today. These electrical signs for businesses are among the most popular: Lightbox or cabinet signs, front-lit channel letter signs, reverse-lit channel letter signs, often called halo-lit, neon signs, and externally-direct-lit signs.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill glowing keep-out signs you can purchase en masse online, either. As such, we encourage clients to discuss them with our expert designers to develop a unique look that is right for their business.

Here’s a Brief Look at Our Top 5:

1.) Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs

These are always a hit, and Dave’s Signs really knows how to make a striking, professional backlit sign. If you are out and about, chances are you’ve seen many of our light boxes.

A backlit signage box or a cabinet sign box has a simple design structure with inside illumination. Every sign has an internal light source, usually a fluorescent lamp or LED lights for signboards or boxes.

Light up Street Signs and Indoor Signs

Surprisingly affordable, a lightbox sign stands out well during the day and night when the light comes on.

Plus, indoor and outdoor LED sign lighting can enhance visibility and aesthetic appeal by providing consistent and vibrant illumination.

Dave’s Signs specializes in commercial sign lighting fixtures and exterior sign lighting fixtures, enhancing the visibility and appeal of various lightbox signage solutions.

Examples of Signage Brilliance by Dave’s Signs

In the case of LED light box signs like the two shown below, the light shines through transparent panels for a dramatic and colorful effect.

Additionally, the vibrant color combination on these two LED word signs really elevates the brand.

Dave’s Signs works closely with our clients to provide custom outdoor backlit signs that fit their purpose.

We can create custom lighted word signs in the spirit of your business, ensuring that your message shines bright and captures attention wherever it’s displayed.

illuminated lightbox sign Concourse illuminated lightbox sign

Also, a panel like the one on the light-up sign box above can display your company’s branding, logo, name, or other such information like no other.

Outside signs like the ones below can be seen from far away, and work hard to get the buzz going about your brand. 

Illuminated Lightbox Signs

Whether it’s adding a professional touch to a storefront or illuminating an iconic landmark, our commercial and exterior sign lighting fixtures are designed with precision to meet the unique needs of each client.

Leveraging innovative technology and high-quality materials, these lighting fixtures can elevate the impact of any sign, ensuring that it captures attention and conveys the intended message effectively.

Lighted Signs

2.) Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs 

These store signs with lights are wildly popular. Here’s why: Front-lit channel signs have a bold, prominent effect, making them one the most sought-after electric signs for business today.

All the letters in these lighted box sign panels are illuminated from the front. This ensures their different colors really shine through.

Face-lit signage, such as this outdoor sign lighting example we did above for Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe, can also be used for indoor displays.

Lighted Signs

3.) Backlit / Reverse-Lit / Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Backlit storefront signs, also known as reverse-lit and halo-lit channel letter signs, are all different names for the same type of storefront sign.

Custom backlit signs can be designed to have an ethereal appearance, which is perfect for brands aiming for a more sophisticated look. These signs can incorporate backlit decals, backlit panels, or backlit films to create a captivating effect.

Every single letter or element has an illuminated background and is readable from a distance.

Businesses choose halo-lit signs because they have a more distinguished look and can be lit with a lot more control and colors than a simple lightbox sign.

The channeled metal lettering is easily visible in daylight and at night, with LED or neon lights illuminating each element from behind for that attractive modern look. 

Another good use of backlighting – Custom Backlit Decals

Backlit signs typically are very striking, especially when it comes to adding custom backlit decals. Dave’s Signs will work hard to ensure any custom backlit signage we create for you meets or exceeds your expectations.

So, the next time you’re online Googling halo-lit, reverse-lit or a custom backlit sign near me, know that Dave’s Signs has you covered.

For instance, check out the craftmanship and detail in the backlit piece we created for Red Brick Pizza above. Those large backlit letters really grab attention!

Lighted Signs

4.) Neon Signs

Big neon signs, with their iconic neon light and eye-catching glow, have been around forever — a classic look with a vintage feel of yesterday.  Their bright, warm illumination creates a unique ambiance that few other lighting systems can replicate.

When comparing neon vs lightbox signs or neon against other lighting methods described here, it comes out ahead in terms of aesthetics. That’s because it offers timeless appeal and distinctive brightness.

Lighted wall signs in multi-colored neon like the one above are particularly striking. Used for interior and exterior, they provide a bright, warm glow that few other lighting systems can imitate.

When you think of the signs you remember over the last 100 years, chances are it’s a neon sign.

Again, these custom neon signs aren’t like a basic, off-the-shelf light-up “open sign” that greets you when you go into a shop, either.

Unlike a mass-produced lighted open sign, a custom neon sign by Dave’s Signs turns up your brand’s appeal and allows customers to see what business is in the building before they even pull into the parking lot.

LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs have significantly improved in replicating the aesthetic appeal of vintage neon signs. With their vibrant and mesmerizing glow, LED neon signs can create the same captivating visual impact as their vintage counterparts.

These modern alternatives offer the advantage of versatility in design, energy efficiency, and durability while still capturing the nostalgic charm and timeless elegance that make vintage neon signs so beloved.

This LED sign we created for Ganas Auto Repair is an exceptional example of illuminated signage. Similarly, we do plenty of LED gas station signage.

Looking for exterior sign lighting ideas? Our team of experts can help you design and implement creative and captivating lighting solutions for your exterior signs.

We can incorporate various lighting techniques into traditional neon or energy-efficient LED signs to enhance the visibility and appeal of your outdoor signage.

For instance, check out the LED lights for business windows that we made for Roberta’s. Any customized LED name sign created for your business can also be designed to illuminate in different colors. 

LED Lighting Words

Dave’s Signs also creates signs that feature custom LED lighting words to your specifications. The neon lighting words like these we created for the SeaVees illuminated boat signs display in Mill Valley are a similar example of this. 


5.) 3D Backlit Logo Sign

External-lit signs use external sources such as gooseneck bulbs (also known as barn lights) for illumination. Designers mount these light sources at the base of custom LED backlit signs or hide them.

This design illuminates the sign and often lights part of the sign in the shadows of an internally lit sign like this halo-lit channel letter monument sign: Star of CA.

lighted signs

    • Recessed Lighting – Designers tuck this lighting type away to light areas of a sign that shadows typically cover.
    • Ground Lighting – This illumination type works well with monument signs.
    • Top Lighting – For example, barn lights give that nostalgic feel to a dimensional letter or hand-painted sign. 

The Nostalgic Garry Marshall Theatre: A Beacon Illuminated in Memory

The iconic Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank, California, presents a rich tapestry of entertainment history, a spectacle enhanced by the use of various backlight types. At night, the theatre’s facade sparkles under the mesmerizing glow of LED lighting.

At night, the theatre’s facade sparkles under the brilliant glow of LED signs for sign boards, exuding nostalgia while maintaining modern appeal. The theatre’s name and logo, beautifully backlit with LED lighting, capture the essence of its namesake and the golden age of Hollywood.

The theatre also cleverly employs various types of backlit signs, including the innovative illuminated signs film, which brilliantly showcases the theatre’s intricate details and classic movie posters.

LED lights breathe life into these posters, creating a captivating visual spectacle that draws in visitors and passersby. This blend of past and present in its illuminative signage demonstrates the transformative power of light in celebrating and preserving the Garry Marshall Theatre’s illustrious past.

LED Lighted Signage: A Cost-Effective Solution with a Luxe Appeal

LED lighted signage, with its radiant glow and striking aesthetics, often gives the impression of a premium, high-cost solution. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

Despite their luxe appearance, these lighted signs are actually cheap when viewed from a longer-term perspective. The energy efficiency of LED technology translates into lower power consumption and reduced utility bills over time.

Additionally, LEDs have great longevity and reduce the frequency and costs of replacements. Therefore, while LED lighted signs may initially seem more expensive, their durable nature, energy efficiency, and stunning visual impact make them a cost-effective and attractive choice for businesses looking to make a statement without breaking the bank.

These are our best-selling lighted signs, which include the much sought-after backlit signs for sale. So, the next time you’re scouring the internet for “commercial lighting repair near me,” consider Dave’s Signs for all your lighted commercial signs needs.

Our other options include digital signs like LEDs and push-through lettering. All signs are customizable, so discuss what kind of designs you want with our experts.

We also make lighted window signs to coax all those window shoppers to come in. Lastly, we can use custom backlit decals for your business. A good example is the aforementioned Gary Marshall Theatre, which has backlit posters outside the building.

Moreover, with the right mounting template, which Dave’s Signs provides, installation becomes a breeze, ensuring that your sign is securely and correctly positioned for optimal visibility.

Integrating a mounting template not only streamlines the process but also guarantees that the result looks professional and polished.

So, whether it’s for a storefront or a trade show, making an investment in a custom lightbox sign is a decision that will pay dividends in terms of visibility and brand recognition.

Dave’s Signs: Your Top Sign Makers Los Angeles

sign installation locally here in Los Angeles Counties, Ventura, Santa Barbara; and Nationwide. Turn to our illuminated sign manufacturers for your next project.

If you want to know more about our beautiful lighted signs or get high-quality products, don’t hesitate to contact your sign lighting company, Dave’s Signs. You can contact us or call (805) 641-1387.

How to Save Money with Energy Efficient Business Signs

There are plenty of ways to save money with business signs. The trick is to find the best and the most energy efficient business sign options available. Old and out of date lighting systems can cost your company money in the long run. This is usually seen in small businesses. Check out this bright sign below.

energy efficient signs

Energy Efficient Business Signs

If you are somebody who is dealing with flickering or unreliable signs, day in and day out, you should take a look at solutions that will last for a long time. Energy efficient business signs will save you a lot on operating costs along with giving off an attractive look for your brand. Since neither the consumers nor the employees will be disturbed by feeble or flickering signs, it will be beneficial for your business. Check out this illuminated business sign below.

energy efficient signs

Business signs are used not only in storefronts but also in lobbies and conference rooms. You might even spot them in restaurants, airports, and retail outlets. Since the vast majority use bright colors and lights, it is only natural to make them as energy efficient as possible so that not only is our environment helped, but we also save money. Check out this custom lighted business sign below.

energy efficient signs

We offer a free assessment of your existing signs and our installers will let you know the best course you can take. A way you can save energy is to use ENERGY STAR certified signage that use cooler-running lighting technology.  The lights that are ENERGY STAR rated are 18% more energy efficient than those that are not energy conscious. This can save your business some money over the course of the year.

Do note that using such measures may also make you eligible to earn some benefits by the government. Using our energy efficient business signs will not only help you save on energy costs, but they are more environmentally friendly as well. Check out our gallery to see some great options to choose from.



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Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

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We Make Beautiful Neon Signs in Our On-Site Facility

Dave’s Signs has perfected the art of neon signs. We can handle all sizes of neon signage, from the small intricate signs to the eye-catching, large neon signs. Ask us for a personalized quote or contact us for any questions you may have about neon signage.

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