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Lightbox Sign Styles That Help Rev Up Your Advertising Game

A Lightbox Sign is a type of sign that is commonly used for shopping malls, auto dealerships, gas stations, retail locations, and more. All of which use the advantage that extra visibility brings.

These cabinet-style signs, with their LED or neon illumination, provide visibility for your message. What’s more? Because they are highly visible night and day, they help rev up your advertising game 24/7.

Lightbox Signs Promote Your Brand Long-term

Professional lightbox signs are made of highly durable materials. These premium materials allow their use in just about any location. Additionally, these materials will work to promote your brand for the long term.

We’ve listed a few examples of different lighted box signs that help amplify your exposure.

Lightbox Design for Multi-Tenant Signs

Lightbox sign

Driving around, you’ve probably noticed Muti-Tenant signs. For example, take the pylon sign Dave’s Signs retrofitted for Mountain Gate Plaza. Mounted to a two-legged pylon, this sign contains a lightbox design with removable panels. Also, the design ensures every business listed gets maximum visibility.

Lighted Restaurant Sign

Lighted cabinets display the name and logo details of dining establishments. These nuances make for some memorable decor, as well. An outside LED lightbox sign like the one we created for Midici’s is a good example of this. Meanwhile, the beautiful sign guides customers in. It also gives them an incentive to stick around and have some delicious wood-fired pizza.

Special Construct Lightbox Sign 

Exterior lighted cabinets mounted on poles display vibrant features. They make your business almost impossible to miss. Dave’s Signs can expertly install them on tall poles or other special constructions.

Illuminated Sign Cabinet for Veterinary Care 

Illuminated sign boxes are often used for displaying the name, logo, and contact information. That aspect is helpful for various veterinary and healthcare businesses. The one we did for the Port Hueneme Animal Hospital promotes the brand from the moment you walk up to it and go in.

Lightbox Cabinet for Grocery Stores & Shopping Malls

Lightbox Sign for Red Barn Market
LED lightboxes establish a prominent visual identity at grocery stores, plazas and malls. They help your store stand out among other distractions. The overall effect of Red Barn Market’s red theme creates an ideal identification point. The familiar brand displayed welcomes you into its doors.

Lighted Box Signs for the Office

We’ve looked at exterior lightbox signs up until this point. However, they are also an ideal solution for the interior branding of an office. In fact, interior lighted box signs can provide a brilliant, lasting glow to any office.  Display your company logo at the entrance of the office or in the reception area. That way, the sign reinforces your brand identity where the customer experience starts.

Let Dave’s Signs Position Your Business

Dave’s Signs makes eye-catching, custom signs. Offering beautiful, on-message, lighted business signs locally here in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties; and Nationwide, we can help provide your company with excellent business positioning.

We also offer top-tier lightbox signs with a large variety of styles and illumination options. Not to mention that we can create and install the sign of your choice for all occasions. Simply call us today for an estimate at  ‭(805) 641-1387 or request a quote online.


Pizza Restaurant Signs

The restaurant and food industry is highly competitive, which is why you need to make sure you have a strong presence in the market. For example, most pizza restaurants want to attract foot traffic and familiarize customers with their brand. Custom made pizza signs are a great way to do that. At Dave’s Signs, we have installed many of the signs at Ventura County’s and Santa Clarita Valley’s favorite pizza restaurant, Toppers Pizza Place.

Here’s a look at how we helped bring personality and charm to a very competitive market.

Get Creative and Showcase Your Brand

We created many unique and eye-catching signs at Topper’s because the client wanted to showcase the originality and local feel of their brand. Each location has a theme, so the signs are designed to enhance the experience.

Here are a few of the ones we did at several locations throughout the region.

pizza restaurant signs

Illuminated Exterior Signs

Above is a channel letter sign of the Toppers Pizza Place logo overlooking the entrance of the restaurant in Valencia.

All locations have illuminated channel letter signs that immediately catch attention and are visible from a distance, both in day or night.

In the Channel Islands Harbor, we really went all out with an ‘Eat More Pizza’ sign. It’s a tribute to the style of signs past: a custom neon blade sign with the arrow leading your eye to the entrance. To top it off, literally, we added the roof sign that can be seen across the harbor. These signs fit the restaurant’s vibe and personality perfectly. It looks like a fun and inviting place to go, doesn’t it?

pizza restaurant signs
pizza restaurant signs

Interior Signs

restaurant sign

Interior signs are often neglected, but they have the most significant impact when the customer is inside your place of business. They can’t see the outside sign anymore, so how do you continue the brand experience when they come inside? With attractive custom made interior signs.

In the Harbor location, we added a few hand-painted wall graphic signs inside to ensure the branding was visible to guests as they enjoyed their meals. “Welcome to Toppers by the Sea” is actually designed after a local neighborhood ad campaign from back in the day. You can see the photo of the original sign in the picture.

pizza restaurant signs

Focus on Branding and Personality

Our primary focus during the project was branding. We wanted to make sure the restaurant’s bold and local personality stood out in the signage.

Our expert designers choose the font, colors, graphic style, and sign sizes carefully to fit in with the brand. We also injected some playfulness and personality into the design to ensure the restaurant truly stood apart from the rest.

The clients wanted to maintain consistent branding in all of their locations while giving every restaurant a distinctive personality. Our experts followed the approach and created signs that were unique but still represented the brand effectively.

Customer Experience

Toppers were very happy with the results. They appreciated the unique vibe and personality of different signs designed for various restaurants. They’re also pleased with the quality and durability of our signs and our installation.

Not to mention, service, we are always there for sign service and maintenance when needed to make sure their signs look great as the years roll by.

If you want to know more about what we did for Toppers Pizza Place. Or, you want to get high-quality signs for your own business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us online or call (805) 641-1387.

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