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Sign Programs for New Communities 

Dave’s Signs is honored to be chosen by Oakwood Communities to design the Sign Programs for Oxnard’s newest and most exciting community, the Wagon Wheel Master Planned Community. 

Sign Program Wagon Wheel Sculpture
Installation of the New Iconic Landmark WW Sculpture in Oxnard, CA.

New Destination in the Making 

The Wagon Wheel Community is a mixed-use development master-planned community located in Oxnard, CA. This beautiful new neighborhood consists of townhomes, condominiums, and luxurious apartments. Featured amenities will include spacious parks, scenic trails, meandering paseos, a vibrant Town Square, retail shops, restaurants, a bowling alley, and places to sit back and unwind. 

Life graphics property management sign

Not Just Design – Sign Programs 

The process started with a consultation to help Oakwood Communities design their signs. A simple sign system then turned into a contract once they saw how much insight and expertise we had to offer. Not only could we assist them in developing the right sign programs for their entire new development, but our track record of working on large-scale projects just like this gave them the confidence we could deliver on time and budget. 

Knowing the Right Questions to Ask 

Of course, starting a large project requires knowing the right questions to ask the client, the city, and knowing the local ordinances. Questions like, 

    • What direction do we want to take with signage? 
    • What are the requirements of the city? 
    • How will the design ensure the future signage meets local ordinance? 
    • What should the design criteria be for retail space? 

Once we go through our process and have a deep understanding of the project, we can plan the sign design criteria before moving to the next step. 

Generally speaking, it goes like this: 

Step 1.  Stated Needs & Direction of Signage 
Step 2.  Design & Planning 
Step 3.  City Permitting & Approvals 
Step 4.  Fabrication & Installation 

Over the course of the year or so between developing an initial sign system, getting the contract for the entire program development, working with the client to develop the sign criteria, working with the city and navigating the approval process, fabricating and installing the signs, working with other contractors and architects throughout the project, we actually came in on time and under budget. Comparatively, not a lot of sign companies can say that. 

   Mayfair APTS Flags and Signs

Signage that Creates a Sense of Belonging 

Our for lease window graphics for new retail space signs experience won Oakwood over.  Fortunately, and owing to our great track record with them, we developed sign programs for the entire development that included:  

    • Promotional for Lease Signage 
    • Designing a Sign Program for Future Tenants 
    • Promo Signs 
    • Window Graphics 
    • Real Estate Development Signs 
    • Flags 
    • Wayfinding Signs 
    • Finished Retail Development Signage 
    • Landmark Signs – The big monument sculpture is the crown of the development. “Meet me at the big W,” so to speak. Owing to the requirements, there are going to be two. 


We created an attractive theme and recognizable styles. Due to that, the signs instill warm feelings and a comforting sense of belonging. 

As a result, new residents and visitors can now experience the new community of Wagon Wheel and enjoy retail, restaurants, and housing rolled into one. 

    • Park Place & Oxford Flats – For Sale Neighborhoods
    • The Junction at Wagon Wheel, Mayfair & Wagon Wheel Family Apartments – Leasing Communities 
    • Wagon Wheel Town Square 


The Significance of Wagon Wheel 

Wagon Wheel Neon Sign
Original Wagon Wheel’s neon sign visible from Highway 101. Wikipedia, schafphoto.

The Wagon Wheel property is a big deal in Oxnard. However, before it began transforming into the Wagon Wheel Master Planned Community, the historic Wagon Wheel Motel and Restaurant existed at the junction of 101 Ventura Freeway and the Pacific Coast Highway. Amazingly, the kitschy attraction stood for five decades with its distinctive neon signs and was a popular spot for motorists traveling between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Real estate mogul and one-time largest property owner in Oxnard, Marvin V. (“Bud”) Smith, developed the area in 1947. 

Finding the Right Sign Partner for Your New Development 

Directional Signs

Wagon wheel business sign

In the event that you are in the process of searching for a sign company with experience developing sign programs for your new development community, call us. Above all, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to bring large-scale projects to fruition on time and under budget. Lastly, you can reach out to us online to request a quote or alternatively call us at (805) 641-1387 for a consultation. 




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