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Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs

Help keep your customers safe with Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs. Put them out front and inside your store to remind people to keep the appropriate distance from one another at your store.

Right now, grocery stores find themselves in a predicament that they never thought they would face. They are considered essential to the survival of the community that they serve. And for that reason, while many people are being told to stay home in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, grocery stores are open to the public.

Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs
Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs – Thank You for Practicing

However, grocery stores are facing larger crowds in many areas than what they would face during the holiday shopping spree time. It is making the idea of social distancing hard and nearly impossible for some stores to enforce. That is where grocery store floor signs can be used to help spread the word on what should be done to ensure the health and safety of not only those who shop there but the workers who are doing their best to stock the empty shelves.

Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs
Grocery Store Social Distancing Signs – One Way

So, what should these floor signs say? There are several ideas. However, some of the main ones include:

  • Encourage social distancing in which people should stay 2 carts apart from one another to help aid in the spread of germs.
  • You can have floor signs at checkouts where people should stand to ensure they are still maintaining the appropriate distance.
  • Have signs that direct traffic so that every aisle is one way and there is no chance that people are going to come into close contact
  • You may even want to have signs posted that let people know your policies upon entering.

These signs are essential as they are meant to protect you and customers that walk through the doors. They are not something that you want to skip on, as many stores are finding that without these types of directions out, their customers are not following directives recommended by the CDC.

For any more information on our grocery store social distancing signs, contact Dave’s Signs at ‭(805) 641-1387‬‬‬ or reach out to us online via this Contact Us form.





Why Dave’s Signs?

When looking for a sign for your business, getting one created can sometimes lead you to think that any company can do this for you. 

However, that is not always the case. 


Whether you are a local business owner, property manager, or nationwide chain, here are 7 reasons why we’re a good fit for your sign needs.

1.) Sign Quality

Not every company that produces signs is going to give you the same level of quality. Remember, a sign for your business is going to be the main visual of your company. You need your sign to look great and function effectively since it will be a representation of your brand and your reputation. 

2.) Proven Process

A lot can happen during the process. Your experience from start to finish can vary significantly from each sign company.

We offer an all-inclusive approach to the graphics and signs that we create. What does this mean? It means we have developed highly refined systems for design, fabricationand installation.

Our team makes sure that everything performs according to our standards, using best practices, and ensuring a smooth transition between each stage of the sign creation process. 

On the other hand, there are many shops out there that only offer parts of the sign-making process. Whether it’s design, fabrication, or installation, they expect you to take the sign to yet another company for different elements of the sign.

Why does this matter? When you have different vendors involved in the process, a lot can happen—communication failures or lack of understanding between providers. Problems can arise that can add costs and delays to the project, especially on large complex jobs.

Since we handle every aspect of the sign process, we can circumvent any issues that come up when dealing with multiple vendors.

For nationwide companies and large complexes outside Southern California, we’ll even go to your location and install your signs. We’ve done this for many of our clients.

We have also established trusted relationships with top quality service vendors across the US to better serve our Nationwide clients.

lobby signs

3.) Project Planning

Since 1992 Dave’s Signs has been helping companies plan, design, and build beautiful signage. Our years of experience will help ease the process of navigating City Permits, Landlord Requirements, and communication with Project Coordinators and Contractors.

Some of our clients will bring us in as consultants to help them decide on a new location BEFORE a lease is signed. Leveraging our expertise goes a long way in helping you make better-informed decisions. Finding out signage limitations or preexisting issues ahead of time can save you money and headaches in the long run.

4.) Professional Staff

We have a highly trained professional team here to help with your project from start to finish. Your project manager will keep you updated regularly on what is happening with your job, including schedules, and timelines on when to expect your deliverables.

Our goal is to provide you a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

5.) Branding & Graphics

As mentioned earlier, we have a dedicated design team in-house who are not only great designers but fully aware of fabrication and materials. We know how designs translate into signs, so there won’t be any problems when it comes to building them out.

We will work with you to come up with designs that match your ideas, whether you have an in-house design and marketing department with branding guidelines or not. Your sign will stand out from the crowd.

From initial sketches to carefully thought out designs, we will go the extra mile to match the objectives of your sign program, and spaces provided. 

Take a look at our portfolio of signs, and you will see what we can offer.

Red Brick Pizza Illuminated Sign in Ventura, CA
Red Brick Pizza Illuminated Sign in Ventura, CA

6.) Value Management

We understand budgets and maximizing value concerning costs. With our proficiency, we can guide you into a sign program that achieves your goals, all while staying in line with what you had in mind for your investment.


7.) Diversity

Not every sign company can accommodate both large and small projects successfully with the diverse portfolio of sign types that we offer.

We are big enough to handle the most complex projects and yet small enough to provide you with personalized service and reasonable turn-around times.

No matter where your project is, we can accommodate your custom sign needs. Our Local Team handles all projects within 150 miles of our Ventura County facility. Our experienced National Account Managers have handled projects from the San Francisco Bay & Silicon Valley to as far away as New York City and Florida locations.

How can we help you? Contact Dave’s Signs at (805) 641-1387‬‬ or send us your queries and project details via this Contact Us form.

Custom Neon Light Signs

When you think of a neon light sign, you may think of those signs that are in pubs and bars, a beer sign, for example.

However, a neon sign can say whatever you want it to. Any design you wish can be crafted into a neon sign, within reason, of course.

An unusual example is this Elvis Skull we did for El Rey Catina


We are one of few shops still around that specialize in neon. We get calls nationwide about our custom neon sign work.

Sure, you can order neon signs from Wayfair or some other place that has off the shelf neon signs, but if you want something really unique, it’s going to have to be custom made.

And we aren’t talking about storefront neon signs here, but yes, we do those too. What we are talking about are those smaller indoor neon lights that can make a difference to viewers about what your experience is all about.

Your Brand in Neon

Here is one we did for Finney’s Crafthouse and Kitchen. It’s a restaurant and bar that has several locations throughout Ventura County and the Central Coast. This sign is in every location.

Illuminated Neon Light Sign Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen in Ventura, CA

Another example is the Children’s Dental Group. “Pre Flight Check-in,” how fun is that!?

Neon Light Sign for Children’s Dental Group in Oxnard, CA

We do them for stores, restaurants, offices, and even private clubs will order custom neon signs. Logos, ads, whatever, it’s up to you.

Make a statement, say something, show off your design. What are you trying to convey? Whatever that is, do it. Create a positive experience for viewers around your brand.

Need help with the design?

Do you have a design? Or an idea?
Our experienced design team will work with you to make it a reality, whether you are local or nationwide.

And since we build everything in-house, you know the finished sign will be as impressive as the design.

Have questions about neon light signs, contact Dave’s Signs at (805) 641-1387 or send us your queries and project details via this Contact Us form.


Restaurant Banners – Open for Take-Out

Is your restaurant open for take-out? Do your customers know that? Maybe it’s time for a Take-Out Banner, so your customers are clear that you are open for business.

Custom Graphic Take-Out Banner Cuernavaca
Custom Graphic Take-Out Banner Cuernavaca

As you know, this is a tough time for a lot of locally-owned restaurants. Since the public stay-at-home order, going out and sitting down for a nice meal is out of the question. Some restaurants have been able to keep their doors open with the promise of a freshly cooked meal that customers can take home instead. The problem is, not everyone knows that.

Custom Graphic Take-Out Banner Beach House Tacos
Custom Graphic Take-Out Banners for Beach House Tacos in Ventura, CA.

Make it Easy for Customers to Know You are Still OPEN

If your restaurant is offering take-out food, then let us help you advertise. By designing a custom banner for your restaurant, more people will know that you are open and will contact you. Let’s face it, people don’t want to have to cook every night, and your restaurant can make that happen!

Contact Dave’s Signs today and let us design a take-out banner that is perfect for your restaurant. We will customize it to fit your particular restaurant’s style. We’ll include your logo, contact information, and any other info you wish to share.

Spread the word! Don’t wait! The sooner you do, the faster your customers will know they can order food-to-go. Contact us today for more information and let us help you tell everyone you are ready and waiting.

For any more information on our take-out banner services, contact Dave’s Signs at (805) 641-1387‬‬ or send us your queries and project details via this Contact Us form.

Creating Face Masks During a Time of Crisis

Students from all across Ventura County in California are making face masks using 3D printers to donate to doctors and nurses in several hospitals. During these trying times, the community is genuinely coming to help one another and make sure that our healthcare workers are taken care of.


The non-profit organization known as STEMbassadors is providing the 3D printers and the students are creating the bands. However, they needed routers to make the clear plastic shields. 

face masks

Our part started when we were contacted by a friend whose daughter is a STEMbassador at DATA Middle School. STEMbassadors reached out to several different businesses within the community who were thought to have routers and asked to pitch in to make the shields. We were part of a team in the community. We each took part in making the shields so local medical staff could be protected.

face masks

Part of a Team

Overall, around 30-40 face shields are being manufactured a day by the students. The bands are being made by the 3D printers in their homes, but they needed routers to make the clear plastic face shields.

face masks

Everyone had their part. We were one of several businesses that donated our time and router to create the face shields, and others donated the materials. When all was said and done, we (Dave’s Signs) produced a couple of thousand face shields. Were not sure how many were produced in total by everyone.

The way the community and students have come together to ensure that our healthcare workers are safe is quite impressive and very touching.

While companies and people with routers are creating the face shields, the people behind this operation are the students. It’s a fantastic thing to see a community pull together in a time of crisis and make a difference.

If you would like to help or make a donation, you can email Alex Wulff at STEMbassadors at [email protected].

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This is a blog about signs. We highlight the different types of signs: signs we’ve created for our customers, history of sign design and today’s cutting edge sign technologies. Ask a question about signs, and you’ll likely find the answer here.

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