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Commercial Pole Signs Attract Customers from Miles Away

Calfornia is known for its larger-than-life signs. After all, we are home to the gigantic and famous Hollywood sign that overlooks Tinsel Town. However, there is hardly anything as visible from a distance or stops you in your tracks more than a massive pole sign does.

Pole signage draws people’s eyes and lets them know your business is up and running. If you own a company and want a sign that both attracts customers and makes your business stand out, then a pole sign is the solution for you.

Customers see these special types of landmark signs and instantly recognize your brand or get curious about the new kid in town who has such grand signage. In either case, your signage is instantly recognized from miles away, which translates to more foot traffic for your business.

What Is a Pole Sign?

Pole signs, sometimes called a “pylon sign,” are a type of business sign with the main cabinet structure atop a tall pole.  Materials vary, but they are usually metal. Pole signs stand anywhere from 20 to 80 feet high.

Think gas station or fast food signs mounted on the top of very high poles that are visible from the interstate when you pass them in your car, and you know exactly what we’re talking about when we say pole sign.

Pole Signs

The Genius Behind Appealing and Beautiful Pole Signs

Keep in mind that a pole sign needs a professional and dynamic design or the result is going to give the phrase “sticking out like a sore thumb” a completely new meaning. What follows are a few well-designed and appealing pole sign examples.

This wooden commercial sign’s oasis approach was custom-made-to-order for the Kimpton Goodland Hotel. The pole sign’s 3-D effect and painted lettering combine perfectly with the rustic wood background for an aesthetically-pleasing and professional appearance. Also, the signage blends in very well with the palm trees and other parts of the landscape.

Pole Signs

The Iconic Ventura Pole Sign

Pole Signs

Dave’s Signs is proud to be one of the premiere in-house neon sign production houses in the United States. This historic illuminated pole sign in Ventura is one of our crowning achievements, and it draws the eye and highlights the best that California has to offer.

The sign is visible from passersby on the freeway, and it beckons them to stay, eat, surf, and shop. The sign is reminiscent of a beach town pole sign from the 1950s, and its exposed neon gives it a bright, luminous effect at night that really pops.

The placement and size of a pole sign are essential to its success, and you can trust Dave’s Signs to make the right choice for yours. Making beautiful signs for Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles Counties and Nationwide is our specialty, and you can call us at (805) 641-1387 or request a quote online if you’d like to find out more.

4 Tips To Make Outdoor Signs Stand Out

For commercial outdoor signs to be successful, they need to grab your attention. People have to be able to see them from a distance, often driving by at high-speed. The design has to be eye-catching, especially when there are other signs in the area.

Here are four tips to make outdoor signs stand out from the crowd.

1. Make Designs Bright & Bold

outdoor signs
This is a photo of the Mondo’s Beach Break custom illuminated channel letter sign designed, fabricated, and installed by Dave’s Signs. Mondo’s Beach Break is located in Ventura, CA.

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Try adding an image or logo to mix things up a little. Meanwhile, if you want to make your sign scream, “Look at me,” add some bold colors to both. For instance, the text and logo for the Mondos Beach Break sign are both vibrant and colorful. The design sparks curiosity and imagination of what’s inside.

2. Fonts Matter

outdoor signs

There are many styles of fonts to choose from. But you have to be careful about which one you choose.  For instance, the font style that worked for Coca Cola doesn’t work for everyone. If fonts have serifs at the bottom and top of the text, it can all blend into a hot mess. Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe sign works well with this font style, but can you imagine if it was ensconced within a dental office sign? For the best results, the font must be visible, large, and professional in appearance. It also needs to adequately match your brand.

3. Outdoor Signs Only Need a Few Words

outdoor signs

For outdoor signs to be truly effective, it’s best to minimize the word count. You want the message to be short and simple so customers can read it on the go. Too many words on a sign can lead to missed opportunities. Just like websites people scan, you need to get the point across right away. Don’t let customers pass you by because they aren’t sure what you have to offer. In this case, less is more!

4. Dimensional Signs

outdoor signs
This is a photo of the Barkley Insurance & Risk Management dimensional letter sign in Oxnard, CA.

Dimensional Letter signs are popular right now and give your outdoor sign an artistic edge. They are not only attractive but economical. Typically these signs are made using acrylic, but they can be fabricated with metal, aluminum, wood, or plastic.

Take a look at the Barkley Insurance & Risk Management dimensional letter sign in Oxnard, California. We created this dimensional letter sign to not only showcase the business but fit in and enhance the historic building in downtown.

Whether you have a business in Ventura, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles counties, or even nationwide, you can trust Dave’s Signs to take your custom signage to a whole new level. Call us at (805) 641-1387 or request a quote online.  


5 Top Commercial Sign Trends for 2020

Eye-catching professional signs attract customers and give you the edge you need. For organizations in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles Counties, that usually means fresh takes on the interior and exterior signage. Sign trends include anything from contemporary accents on monument signs, to keeping with the new normal through vivid, communicative signage.

To check out your options, here are five top commercial sign trends for 2020.

Sign Trend #1:  Uniquely Styled Monuments

Sign Trends and Designs

A monument sign is an excellent way to welcome new customers or provide directions to existing ones. Like a Cabazon dinosaur, they draw your eye to them in a flash! Current trends include using sleek, contemporary freestanding monuments. This style of sign refreshes your visual identity and helps you rebrand. Freestanding monument signage stands out prominently on your topography, while still blending in naturally with your landscaping.

Sign Trend # 2: Illuminated Channel Letters

Custom Sign Design

Whereas current monument sign trends focus on refreshing and rebranding, channel letters drive your company’s name home. With this in mind, channel letter signs use your specialized font to make your brand instantly recognizable. Reverse channel lettering design is particularly in demand for 2020. Their halo effect makes them the darling of healthcare providers since they give an impactful and classy appearance to offices.

Sign Trend #3: Wayfinding Signs

Office ADA Signs

Who nowadays wants to waste precious time searching? Certainly not us. To that end, uncertain times in 2020 call for signs with a purpose. Dave’s Signs answers that call with anything from COVID-19 direction and regulatory signs to informational signage. The current trend consists of signs that assist in getting you safely where you’re going. Additionally, our wayfinding signs are both beautiful and functional. They’re your wingman.

Sign Trend # 4: Wood Decorated Signs

business signage

Wood decorated signs can achieve a wide array of visual effects. Their appearance runs the gamut from metropolitan sophistication to small-town vibe. Moreover, sandblasted wood signs are in vogue now, and you often see them adorning Southern California beach locales.

Sign Trend # 5: Window Signs

Last, but not least are window signs. They are some attention-grabbers, too. Our window graphics and text pop, and they can turn your windows and doors into an effective sales pitch. Hot designs for window sign graphics include bright, multi-colored icons. Also, minimalist line drawings that make glass look like a chalkboard are making their rounds.

Are you intrigued about the top commercial sign trends? Contact us or inquire at (805) 641-1387‬ if you would like one for your business. In fact, the professionals at Dave’s Signs can install a customized new one or even repair the ones you have.


Blade Signs Help Restaurants Generate Foot Traffic

Stay-at-home-orders are beginning to lift, resulting in many restaurants opening their doors to start the process of serving delicious food again.

It’s not a stretch to say we Californians have missed frequenting our favorite noshing spots from burgers to sushi cravings.

Previously, restaurants only offered pickup and delivery services, but some now are offering indoor seating. However, the social distancing measure that requires them to distance dining tables six feet apart also reduces their seating capacity to about half of what it used to be.

restaurant blade signs

A Fresh Solution to Reduced Seating

Fortunately, many restaurant owners in Ventura County and neighboring areas are getting their patron numbers up by expanding outside seating. 

You may have noticed this accommodation style along sidewalks, streets, and even in cars if you’ve dined out. 

The move makes dining out alfresco, a dining experience rooted in the Italian tradition. Italian locals nourish themselves with delicious food while basking in the fresh air of their natural surroundings, alfresco, “done or eaten in the open air.”

Keep in mind that if you are an owner offering outside dining amenities, patrons will now want to find your restaurant to try it out. They will soon be on the move for the alfresco experience in their area if they haven’t done so already. 

Therefore, you’ll want to greet your eager diners with signage designed in a manner that directs them to your restaurant. In light of that, blade signs are an effective way to attract street and foot traffic. 

restaurant blade signs

Blade Signs in Brief

A blade sign is designed to project out from the façade of a building or storefront pole. Other types are attached to surfaces that are perpendicular to passersby. They are extremely popular in areas where there is plenty of foot traffic, such as downtown storefronts and shopping areas.

Retro Blade Signs of the Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre Blade Signs


Blade signs debuted in the fourteenth century, and sign makers started offering more elaborately designed styles in the 1930s. Nostalgic blade signs that most of us are probably familiar with include the old-style neon signs that adorned theatres in the 1930s and 1940s. The historic Fox Theatre in downtown Riverside, now known as the Fox Performing Arts Center, originally had two examples of these classic neon signs at its entryways. 

The Fox Theatre was shuttered until the 1990s when a revitalization effort was started to reopen it. It was renovated in 2010, giving the Theatre a massive facelift. Weighing in at 900-pound, 22-foot each, two replicas of the original hanging signs were installed during the renovation. A decade later, the building that functioned as a vaudeville stage and movie palace in 1929 is still fabulous today. The signs are a big part of the Theatre’s charm. They attract and direct people to the entertainment venue.


restaurant blade signs

The Advantages of Blade Signs

The advantages that blade signs bring to your business can’t be emphasized enough. The right design can:

  • Get you noticed – Blade signs operate similarly to way-finding signs, and they pull the eye to look at them for navigation. This feature has your business stand out from the rest in terms of sending street and foot traffic your way. Eye-grabbing signage also entices patrons to peek inside to see what you have “in-store.”


  • Add welcome familiarity –Whether for a restaurant or other franchise, renowned brands, and logos stand out to people who appreciate and find comfort in familiar products. An excellent experience (including a unique and memorable sign), translates to excellent word of mouth advertising and repeat business, all from a well-known brand or brand that is new and exciting.


  • Be designed in various waysCustom crafted signs capture the essence and message of your business’s brand. Dave’s Signs takes your input to make this happen and creates your sign in whatever design style, shape, and size. We design, fabricate and install eye-catching blade signage. Styles we recommend include Sandblasted Panel Signs, Box Cabinet Signs, and Aluminum Blade Signs.


Dave’s Signs operates locally throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, and L.A. Counties. We also provide custom created signage to organizations nationwide. From providing contemporary signs to refurbishing retro neon signs, Dave’s is the premier sign company to turn to for your blade sign needs. We are also the experts in crafting signs that stay in tune with the brand, identity, look, and feel of your business. Call us today for a quote at (805) 641-1387 or contact us online.


Ways to Re-Open Your Business with an Emphasis on Safety

On May 26, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that much of California is moving into Phase 3 of re-opening more sectors of the economy. The move slowly eases some of the state’s stay-at-home orders. Businesses such as hair salons, barbershops, and gymnasiums are allowed to re-open, albeit with a new set of safety and health guidelines to follow.

Re-Open Your Business

Gov. Newsom’s announcement affects many California counties currently reporting a low number of COVID-19 cases, including Ventura County. However, even with a minimal amount of confirmed coronavirus infections, all businesses re-opening in Ventura County and beyond must make meaningful modifications and have containment plans in place that protect California citizens from the virus’s spread.

Getting Your Business Ready

Part of this attestation process has created an unprecedented demand for safety signage and other physical barrier protections such as sneeze guards. One industry that has served as a model for re-opening in this manner is grocery stores.

For instance, you may have noticed their visual and barrier systems in the form of social distancing signs in the front and inside the store and sneeze guards at checkout lines.

Re-Open Your Business

If all goes well, a wide variety of business types in Southern California will be opening their doors to what is pretty much an unknown and untested environment so far. Therefore, if you are one of the fortunate sole proprietors throwing your doors open wide to serve customers gladly, you may be wondering how to get your business ready to open sign wise.

Dave’s Signs, a premier and full-service custom sign company serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties, along with nationwide businesses, is here to assist you. We have innovative ideas and products that will help business owners get used to the new normal.

6 Ft. Apart Social Distancing Sign for Royal Bakery in Ventura, CA

Signage for COVID-19 Awareness & Safety

The safety of individuals that set foot in your building is paramount. Therefore, signs that communicate crucial messages about your business and the CDC’s recommendations about the novel coronavirus are the best way to go. Additionally, we provide customized posters and banners that feature vital CDC guidelines while also incorporating your brand’s color scheme and graphics. The following products will make it much easier to serve your customers, employees, and guests in terms of awareness and safety signage.


  • Social Distancing Signs: Whether you need decals for the ground or signage with a custom message for the walls, Dave’s Signs has got you covered! Remember: Most areas are required by local regulations to encourage social distancing, and signage makes it much easier to do so.


  • Barriers and Sneeze Guards: Grocery stores nationwide have showcased how helpful transparent sneeze guards can be. This is an easy way to help protect the health of your employees and customers. We offer custom-made barriers cut and sized to fit your specific design specifications.


  • Safety Signs: Customers and employees need to feel safe inside your business. Constantly changing guidelines require frequent updates to your safety signage, making customized stickers an affordable and attractive option.


  • Industry-Specific Signs: Depending on your industry, you may need a wide variety of signs such as “Open for Business,” “Curbside Pickup,” “To-Go Options,” and “Delivery Available.” All of these are available, as are any necessary customizations.


  • OSHA Updates: OSHA has updated recommendations for specific industries. To ensure that your employees know how to protect themselves on the job, you can get signage made for your industry and hang it in an easily visible location.


Dave’s Signs specializes in Design, Fabrication, Installation, Service, and Repair. We will help you get ready to open by creating the best in safety and awareness signs. Our signs are visible day and night, and they are also rugged enough to withstand the elements. Let us help you design, create, and install by calling for an Estimate today at (805) 641-1387‬ or reach out to us online.

Dave’s Signs Blog

This is a blog about signs. We highlight the different types of signs: signs we’ve created for our customers, history of sign design and today’s cutting edge sign technologies. Ask a question about signs, and you’ll likely find the answer here.

Case Studies

Spencer Makenzies Neon Sign

Here we go into detail on some of the custom signs we’ve done. Including Spencer Makenzie’s Neon Sign, Topper’s Pizza Neon Signs in the Oxnard Harbor, and The Historic Ventura Pole Sign. Check back with us. We’ll have more case studies of signs posted in the near future.

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Saloon BBQ Custom Sign

We’ve designed, fabricated, installed and serviced signs all over southern California. Here are some highlighted areas near you including Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Check back soon for more updates.

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