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Designing Your First Sign: What You Need to Know

The entire spectrum of business competition revolves around who can attract more customers – which ultimately means higher success. This is why you should give special thought to each aspect of your marketing. Something as simple as designing your first sign can become an important first step.

Many brick and mortar businesses rely on traditional marketing to gain customers. A sign is a big part which small business can depend on to attract passers-by. It becomes important for them to go the extra mile to get the details right. We are here to help you with that. Here are a few suggestions to consider before making a sign for your business.

designing your first sign
Dave’s Signs designed, built and installed this storefront sign for Boot Barn in Oxnard, CA.

Color matters

The color on your sign plays a big role in capturing the attention of potential customers. Different colors evoke different emotions.

People are more likely to be captivated by colors – it should be easy on the eyes and when illuminated, stands out. Boot Barn’s red is a good example of how color can strike a balance between the right kind of shade and intensity.

Don’t make it a chore to read

You ought to ensure that your sign doesn’t cram too much information. Give people a chance to scan your sign when they are in a hurry. Otherwise, customers may find it hard to remember you.

designing your first sign

Contrast can increase readability

Pay close attention to how your logo appears to people walking past your business. Contrast plays a role in readability. Take for the example the Re•Bath sign. The white block letters against the red background make for an easy to read and highly noticeable sign, especially at night.

Consider the fact that the logo has to be readable in different weather conditions. And, in the case of the Beach House Fish sign, stand up in the elements.

designing your first sign

At Dave’s Signs, we will help you design an ideal sign for your business no matter where you are located. Give us a call at (805) 641-1387 or get in touch with us online.

Why Choose Our Sign Shop?

At Dave’s Signs, we are particularly proud of our sign shop, where we craft every customized sign with personal attention from experienced professionals. After working closely with our customers to determine their needs, understanding what they’re looking for in terms of size, style, branding, and cost, we take the process back into our sign shop.

Sign Shop
Garry Marshall Theatre Sign Installation, Burbank, CA. We built and installed the sign.

There, we have all of the tools and experience necessary to create custom signs in every shape, color, and technical style. We specialize in particular in providing:

Dimensional letter signs
Illuminated signs
Neon signs
Monument signs
Channel letter signs
Office signs
Custom graphic signs
Blade signs

Sign Shop
Nationwide Insurance Channel Letter Sign being built in our shop here in Ventura, CA.

Fabrication takes place in our on-site facility, where we carefully monitor every step of the process in close conjunction with our clients. After signs are fabricated in our shop, we’re also there for our customers when it comes to installing signs, maintaining them, and providing service whenever necessary.

Dave’s Sign shop has over twenty years of experience of employing the most cutting-edge technology in tooling everything from small and intricate neon sings to broad and expansive storefront signs, using a CNC router and sheet metal fabrication to address every element of our customers’ needs.

Sign Shop
Toppers Pizza Place hand-painted signs in Camarillo, CA. New restaurant opening soon.

We are always happy to learn more about what you might be looking for in a sign and to start the process of working together to provide exactly what your organization needs. Reach out today by calling us at (805) 641-1387 or get in touch with us online.

Store Signs and Your Brand

At Dave’s Signs, we take pride in helping all types of stores establish their brand in its most important context: store signs. Stores ordering new signage have many different elements to consider when making a choice regarding new signage, going well beyond the obvious size, font, and color.

Store Signs
iProtech halo-lit channel letter sign.

Store signs will often be the first and primary thing that customers visually associate with the products that you sell, so it’s important to create not just a positive impression with your sign, but also a strong and lasting one.

At Dave’s Signs, we will help guide you through the process of selecting and customizing a store sign that is right for your business and fits well with your brand.

Store Signs
Dave’s Signs designed, built and installed this storefront sign for Boot Barn in Oxnard, CA.

Depending on the location of your store and the regulations surrounding the signage available to you, you can choose from simple-face signs that are mounted directly on your store’s facade, with lighting from above, below, or ambient surroundings. If you’re interested in making more of a statement, a raceway mount with electrical elements and the power supply housed within it can keep your letters safely lit 24/7.

If you’re more concerned about appearance than merely catching the eye, then you can opt for a direct mount or a flush mount, whereby letters are attached directly to the building’s facade, and a power source contained behind the facade.

Store Signs
Armani Outlet in the Camarillo Premium Outlets.

If you’re not sure what type of sign is right for your store, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly so that we can help you arrive at the right decision, taking into account everything from your regulatory needs to your branding priorities.

As always, you can reach us at (805) 641-1387 or online.

What are Reverse Channel Letter Signs?

Reverse Channel Letters are a great way to bring a more nuanced approach to signs designed to catch the eye. While this type of signage still employs electric light to ensure visibility in the dark and to draw attention, the light is installed on the reverse side of outward facing signage in such a way that it is projected onto the surface behind it. This type of ambient light has a softer appeal, less harsh than neon and easier to read than light projected onto a flat sign.

Reverse Channel Letters Sign
Bombay Bar & Grill located in downtown Ventura, CA.

Reverse channel letters are customizable in a variety of ways because there are more variables and elements of choice associated with them than with ordinary signs. The sign’s face is the most standard element, which is usually designed in accordance with a given brand’s custom fonts and colors.

Moving beyond the face of the sign is when design starts to come into play, with several elements to consider. “Return” refers to the sign’s depth, and can range from 3 to 8 inches. Often, the dimension of reverse channel letters signs’ returns will depend on more than just design: lease agreements or local ordinances may dictate the type of return that is appropriate for your sign.

Reverse Channel Letters Sign
Rice Thai Cuisine located in downtown Ventura, CA.

The other major variable in a reverse channel letter sign is the light source. Modern iterations of these signs will almost always include LED lights as opposed to neon, but both the color and intensity of the light is completely customizable. Using light projected onto the surface behind the sign produces a halo effect, centering the viewer’s attention on the letters surrounded by light.

Reverse Channel Letters Sign
Shanghai Beer Garden formerly located in downtown Ventura, CA.

Dave’s Signs has a well-established history of customizing and creating reverse channel letter signs for a variety of clients and purposes. To learn more, or to begin planning your reverse channel letter sign today, give us a call at (805) 641-1387 or reach out to us online.

ADA Signage for Your Office Building

While ADA signs are often a matter of legal compliance, their value extends well beyond behaving in accordance with the law. Effective ADA signage gives your business an air of openness and accessibility, appealing to a broad audience.

ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was passed in 1990 to ensure equality of access to all Americans. The ADA is most commonly associated with installations like wheelchair ramps and elevators in new buildings but, but its scope and effect extends much farther.

ADA Signage with Braille – Exit Stair Down
ADA Signage with Braille – Exit Stair Down. Topa Financial Tower, Oxnard, CA.

ADA signage is meant to ensure ease of communication with individuals with a spectrum of possible disabilities. For example, signs often feature braille so that they are understandable to blind or visually impaired individuals.

There are a few elements to keep in mind when it comes to installing ADA signs at your business or organization.

One key element of ADA signage is that they must have non-glare backgrounds and characters, making them far easier for the visually impaired and the elderly to read. Typefaces should be easy to read, and language should be simple and understandable. Well designed and thoughtfully considered ADA signage also benefits people with hearing impairments, people who have problems speaking, or people with cognitive disabilities who may rely on signage as an alternative to speaking with somebody they don’t know to ask for help.

ADA signs often feature one or more of the four “accessibility” symbols: the wheelchair symbol which is recognized internationally, as well as symbols to indicate assistive systems for people with hearing impairments.

ADA Signage – Woman's Restroom
ADA Signage – Woman’s Restroom. Topa Financial Tower, Oxnard, CA.

ADA signs are most practical when located immediately next to the door of the room they apply to, so that they are easy for people with visual impairments to locate, and should have both visual and tactile components.

ADA Signage – In Case of Fire Sign.
ADA Signage – In Case of Fire Sign. Topa Financial Tower, Oxnard, CA.

ADA signage is often legally necessary to comply with federal law, but most businesses and organizations choose to use ADA-compliant signs anyway, in order to ensure that they are providing equally simple access to all of their potential visitors.

Whatever your reason for choosing to install ADA signage, Dave’s Signs is well versed in all the requirements for providing equal accessibility and making them custom tailored to your buildings aesthetic. Give us a call at (805) 641-1387 or reach out to us online.

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